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Jun 1, 2001 08:41 PM

What are the good restaurants near Universal City?

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My parents are coming to LA for a visit and are staying at the Universal City Hilton. I live in Culver City and rarely venture to the valley, so I have no idea what restaurants to take them to. The only caveat is that they hate crowded places. Any suggestions?

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  1. Actually, you don't have to go anywhere. Cafe Sierra in the hotel has the best Chinese seafood buffet in the L.A. area on Thursday through Sunday evenings. They also have international buffets at lunch time everyday. The Chinese seafood buffet might sound pricey at $32, but it's really worth it.

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      I second that! However, Cafe Sierra can get crowded at dinner time.

      Ca del Sole (on Lankershim?) just down the steet from the Metro, has good Italian, great ambience.

      Miceli's Valley branch is also nearby. The food is very mediocre, but it's a fun atmosphere--singing waiters, checked table clothes, etc.

      If you drive down Ventura Blvd, there are plenty of great places to try out. You could even go west on it for miles and have your parents choose any restaurant. About 5 min away from the hotel is the intersection of Laurel Cyn & Ventura. At one corner is LaLa's for Argentian food (skirt steak is good here), and Emmanuel's American Bistro (wonderful desserts, but reservations needed). Another corner has the standard chain fare (Gaucho Grill, Louise's, Daily Grill). The third corner has Outtake Cafe (my fav in the Valley, though it gets crowded) and Mexicali (hip Mexican).

    2. Across the freeway from Universal: "Poqito Mas" on Cahuenga.

      Universal City Walk: "Jodi Maroni's"

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        Mike Kilgore

        My wife and I love Rive Gauche on Ventura Blvd. about 4 blocks west of Woodman on the south side of the street, (if you pass Stansbury-which is not a light, going west, you just missed it). They have one of the prettiest patios in LA with French food that won't break the bank. I like their lamb chops, and french onion soup. The also have wonderful baby vegetables cooked just right with all of the entrees.

        1. There is a new Mexican restaurant that has some of the best Mexican in LA. Terraza Azteca. It is just West of Vineland on Ventura in the mini-mall with "popeye's chicken" and "residuals" bar. Great for a casual lunch. We can't stop going.

          1. It's probably too late now, but try Rome via Paris on Cahuenga, west of Barham. Very good food, interesting menu.