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Jan 11, 2008 11:25 AM

Val's Burger - East Bay Classic

after hearing about Val's in Hayward for many years I made it there for lunch yesterday. it really is a bit like stepping back into time. there's counter seating with a good view of the action and booths along the windows. a whole section is set up to take care of the fountain treats .... milkshakes, floats, etc.... I had the Mama burger and an order of fries ( well done ) ......the Mama comes chargrilled on a fairly standard bun with a nice portion of fresh lettuce. On each table there is a tray with sliced raw onion, pickle chips and sweet pickle relish. Also squeeze bottles of yellow mustard, ketsup and mayo (?) You can also get grilled onions, or mushrooms, sliced tomato, etc for a small additional charge :~ (
my order of fries came in one of those red plastic baskets - I could see from across the room that they were mine by the additiional color on them. an order of fries is definitely big enough to share ..... these were steak fries cooked to a nice crunch turn yet still creamy inside - especially so with the big fries. there were also smaller pieces that were crunchy all the way through and soooo good. definitely some of the better fries I've had recently.
the burger followed soon thereafter - ordered it medium - it came a bit more cooked than I would have preferred. a nice char though - decent size patty ( 8 oz ) but a bit dry before I added the condiments ...... I should have ordered it medium rare but I played it safe by going with medium ( my bad ) In any event the flavor was good but the texture of the burger was a bit pebbly - I love it when some places add a bit of chopped onion or something else in the patty to soften the texture up a bit. After adding the onion and some mustard it was a good looking burger that was quite the mouthfull.
Lots of folks were working on milkshakes which come with the metal cannister. The place has a nice feel to it. Easy to see why folks like this place. The waitresses are profesionals that have been there for a long time and know the routine.....enjoyed my burger but liked my fries even more. The overall experience is one that you won't find in many other places. they have a website if you want to see their whole menu - they also do breakfast and have some other offerings other than burgers.

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  1. thanks for the update.. been about 1.5yrs since I've been.

    those shakes are enough for 2 also!

    1. YUM Val's this made me hungry, good pics!

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        glad you liked the photos ..... besides tasting good, the fries were perfect for propping up the burger at a better angle!

      2. Adding a place marker, which helped me discover that this place is a delightful excuse for a shortcut on the way home from work. I've always known that there was supposed to be a good burger place in Hayward, but wasn't sure what it was or how to get there, thanks.

        Val's Burgers
        2115 Kelly St, Hayward, CA 94541

        1. I order the mama burger on the sour dough french roll. A bit too much starch, but the combo of the roll and beef, to die for (extra bread also good for sopping up juices!)


          1. Val's is great. Good breakfasts too with excellent Hash Browns.