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Jan 11, 2008 11:14 AM

Is Knish Nosh in Rego Park, NY shomer shabbos?

I am posting both here and on the "outer boroughs" board, as it's kinda close to shabbos for many who are on the Kosher board to be responding...I just called there--was thinking to go to there and Andre's bakery after work today. No answer after at least 10 rings, but it's Friday, after 3, so I figured...I'm not observant, but simply trying to figure out why they aren't answering their phone now.

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  1. I don't think that they are, however, they may be making some changes (see link).

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    1. re: jeterfan

      Nope--went there yesterday. Interesting article. Hope they don't ruin it.

      1. re: Shayna Madel

        the original owner was running it into the ground,
        so thankfully a new owner came along with cash.
        they sell a lot more knishes wholesale then they
        do in the store, so a chaining out makes sense,
        however, I think knishes will fail like doughnuts are.
        people simply don't want to eat carb crap anymore.
        Ironically, the counter in that photo is actually where
        they sell "Meal Mart" style food, not their knishes,
        so he's really not doing anything unique enough to
        justify a franchise. he'd be better off setting up a
        web sight and selling frozen knishes by air mail.
        The Meal Mart stuff was not even his idea; he just
        absorbed a take out food place failing next door.
        Honestly, I doubt he's making money on either
        as the place is usually devoid of customers.

        1. re: Joe Berger

          I figured that he is making more money "out the back" so to speak. Just about any deli or bagel place that I seem to go in Nassau or Queens that sells knishes gets them from Knish Nosh. True enough observation about the deli counter. The stuff looked ok--but odd/not sufficent combo of things. Pastries right next to cream cheese right next to cucumber salad--wierd--as if the inventory is thin and he's just trying to fill up the case. I would hate to see the knishes disapear (yeah, another person with fond memories...) , so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this expansion thing doesn't ruin the business.

          1. re: Shayna Madel

            I lived around the corner for 2 years--I love the knishes, some of the soups are decent, the rest of the meal mart style stuff is pretty bad. And the display case is a major turn off. Ernest is a nice guy. .