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Take-out wings for the Pat's game?

ebone Jan 11, 2008 11:12 AM

I want to get some good wings for the football games tomorrow to bring back to my apt. I live in Charlestown, but I'm willing to travel within reason. In the past I have picked up from Soundbites' wing joint across from the breakfast place in Somerville and those have treated me OK, but I was wondering if I am missing something better.

p.s. I am not going all the way to Buffs, so save that noise for another thread. That may help as to how far I am not willing to travel.

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  1. CityPork RE: ebone Jan 11, 2008 12:00 PM

    I really like the S&S wings at the S&S restaurant in Inman Sq. Cambridge. I think they have Buffalo too, but their S&S sauce is sweet with a hint of spice. You can call and have them ready to pick up.

    1. MC Slim JB RE: ebone Jan 11, 2008 12:14 PM

      Yes, but Buff''s: a) has the best Buffalo wings in Boston, and b) is easy-off, easy-on the Pike. You could probably get there and back faster than a lot of places that are closer as the crow flies.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB
        CambridgeFoodie RE: MC Slim JB Jan 11, 2008 01:53 PM

        I'm going to be a naysayer on this thread.

        I LOVE chicken wings (perhaps too much).

        IMHO, S&S' wings are small.

        Tried Buff's once, did not see what all of the hype was.

        My all time favorite is the Terdactil wings at Wing It...nice big wings, excellent flavor

        1. re: CambridgeFoodie
          ebone RE: CambridgeFoodie Jan 11, 2008 04:07 PM

          where is Wing It?

          1. re: ebone
            DirectorGi RE: ebone Jan 14, 2008 10:06 AM

            Wing It is on Commonwealth Ave. in Brighton. I went there when I visited the area in summer of 2006 on the recommendation of a local to the area and LOVED their lemon pepper boneless wings. Way too much food for one meal (if you get the meal deal you get fries), but hey, two meals in one isn't bad either!

            Here's their website:

          2. re: CambridgeFoodie
            Boston Scene RE: CambridgeFoodie Jan 22, 2008 09:15 AM

            I have to agree, I am a HUGE chicken wing fan, perhaps too much, seeing as how I consume them about 3 times a week. I went to Buffs and was not impressed at all. Yes the sauces are good, but not great and the overall quality was far below par. Overall I was greatly disapointed.

            1. re: Boston Scene
              ebone RE: Boston Scene Jan 22, 2008 10:23 AM

              Thats interesting. I went to Buffs myself this past weekend and had some great wings. It had been a few since I had been there, but I have no clue why it took me so long to go back. The wings were crispy, but not dry and the sauces were great, especially the honey hot. I have tried numerous wings in the boston area and these have been the best by a good stretch. I will be returning much sooner this time.

              1. re: Boston Scene
                Chris VR RE: Boston Scene Jan 22, 2008 12:05 PM

                3 times a week?! Your stomach lining must hate you :-)

                I'm dying to know which wings you feel are better than Buff's! Better or not, if there are wings of Buff's calibre around, I want to find them. And eat them. Lots of them.

                (Damn this site- threads on wings and donuts always create a craving that MUST be satisfied!)

          3. g
            goose RE: ebone Jan 12, 2008 07:43 AM

            Probably not what you're looking for, but for convenience I sometimes get takeout boneless bufffalo wings from the 99....and i believe there is one in charlestown

            If boneless is an option, Wing-It used to be my favorite option...though I have not been in some time. i believe it's on comm ave in brighton

            1. ebone RE: ebone Jan 12, 2008 08:20 AM

              anyone ever have a wing from the waterfront in the north end?

              i will be over by there before the game and may just give them a shot. the other food i have had from there has been pretty good.

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              1. re: ebone
                ebone RE: ebone Jan 17, 2008 09:52 AM

                Out of convenience I just ended up grabbing a couple wings from the Waterfront. Although I have liked other things I have eaten there recently (pizza/fish & chips) I wouldn't bother with the wings again. They were breaded run on the mill pizza-place wings. Not that my expectations were high, but I wouldn't bother ordering them there again.

              2. e
                emilief RE: ebone Jan 12, 2008 10:46 AM

                I saw an interesting piece about a new place in Arlington called Whatta Wing on the Phantom Gourmet this am. Seems to be in the area you are willing to travel and the variety was amazing. Not a recommendation since I have not been . . .

                1. b
                  Blumie RE: ebone Jan 12, 2008 05:42 PM

                  Not that the OP was gonna drive to Framingham, but the wait for wings to go at the Chicken Bone was 1-2 hours before game time. We showed up just before 6 for an early dinner. We got our wings out pretty quickly, but then waited an hour for our main courses. Their steak and cheese sandwich was awesome, but the wait wasn't!

                  1. s
                    SSqwerty RE: ebone Jan 12, 2008 05:53 PM

                    Don't be crazy. It's moronically simple to make your own and much, much cheaper. This recipe can be doubled or tripled:

                    BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS For 6 as appetizers

                    4 lbs chicken wings
                    Vegetable oil
                    Salt and pepper
                    3 Tablsp butter
                    2 Tablsp Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing sauce (at any grocery)
                    6 celery stalks, cut into 3-inch sticks
                    Blue cheese dressing (mindlessly easy, below)

                    Cut the chicken wings at the joints (discard wing tips). Wash and dry them. Pour 1/2 of oil into a large skillet, heat over medium high heat till almost smoking. SALT AND PEPPER THE WINGS WELL BEFORE FRYING! Add as many wings as will fit into skillet without crowding. Fry till golden, about 15-20 min., turning once in a cast iron pan till really crispy.

                    When all wings are cooked, pour off fat from pan. Add butter and melt over low heat. Stir in the hot pepper sauce. Arrange wings on serving plate and drizzle with the hot pepper butter. Serve with celery stir and blue cheese dressing.

                    BLEU CHEESE DRESSING:

                    1/2 cups mayo
                    1/2 cups sour cream (use half & half or heavy cream if you don’t have sour cream)
                    1/3 cup crumbled blue cheese
                    1 garlic clove, minced
                    1 Tablesp lemon juice.

                    Combine everything in a jar and shake. Makes about one and a half cups.

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                    1. re: SSqwerty
                      wittlejosh RE: SSqwerty Jan 14, 2008 04:58 AM

                      I think it's better to deep-fry the wings rather than shallow-fry (I've done both). Cook's Illustrated dredges the wing pieces in seasoned cornstarch before frying, which keeps the skin crisp (without making much of an actual coating). Genius. I also do 4 T butter to 1/2 cup Frank's, plus a T of brown sugar and a T of cider vinegar for the sauce.

                      I ate at Buff's yesterday and thought the wings were very good. Though I agree about being puzzled by the fervor with which they are championed.

                      I've had better buffalo wings at Grille Zone in Allston. The wings at Wings Over Brookline were OK, but there's a lot of black pepper in their sauce, which tastes weird to me.

                      1. re: wittlejosh
                        steve999 RE: wittlejosh Jan 14, 2008 05:40 AM

                        I guess the fervor is because there are so many places in the area that do awful wings. Buff's are decent and much better than what you get at a lot of local pizza places.

                        1. re: wittlejosh
                          lergnom RE: wittlejosh Jan 15, 2008 09:01 AM

                          I also like the wings at Grille Zone. The double order fed a whole crew. They aren't spicy enough for my jaded taste buds but they were well prepared. The blue cheese is an Aramark product - I asked.

                      2. b
                        bear RE: ebone Jan 14, 2008 05:06 AM

                        I happened to drive by this place yesterday. Brand new in the old Neillio's space. Sounds promising.


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                        1. re: bear
                          Blumie RE: bear Jan 14, 2008 10:01 AM

                          I don't know, the menu makes it look like a bad chain!

                          1. re: Blumie
                            BJK RE: Blumie Jan 14, 2008 12:42 PM

                            Thanks to emilief's post above, we tried Whatta Wing on Saturday night, and I'll definitely be back. They've been open for 6 weeks now and, as you'd expect, were slammed on Saturday night. In fact, I started calling at 6:00, and when I finally got through at 6:08, my trusty BlackBerry tells me I'd dialed 31 times!

                            Anyway, while waiting for my order I saw them adding freshly floured chicken tenders into the fryers, so I'm tempted to try the boneless wings next time. We had the buffalo hot and the pterodactyl wings. The wings were all large, meaty, and very tasty, though the pterodactyl wings were definitely crispier, and both could have been crispier still. Good level of heat on the Buffalo hot variety, though next time I'll go one hotter. Fries and onion rings were good, not great.


                        2. x
                          xperteater RE: ebone Jan 15, 2008 09:45 AM

                          Hooter's accross from North Station dont like eating there but they do have the best wings

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                          1. re: xperteater
                            mkel34 RE: xperteater Jan 16, 2008 08:01 AM

                            I believe they have been closed for close to a year now as did many of the other new england owned locations. They all had the same owner who wasn't paying franchise fees.

                            1. re: mkel34
                              xperteater RE: mkel34 Jan 16, 2008 08:54 AM

                              could be correct I havent been there in a while

                              1. re: xperteater
                                holo1979 RE: xperteater Jan 16, 2008 09:15 AM

                                yes...very sad that Hooters is gone - I believe there's only 1 location up in Burlington(?), VT and 2 in RI. Such a shame...GREAT wings there!

                                But I must say...Wing-It would be my choice by far -- unfortunately no real "close" locations from the N. Shore area where I'm at.

                                So rather than wasting my money on mediocre wings from a local sub shop, I'll just make my own :-D

                                1. re: holo1979
                                  Chris VR RE: holo1979 Jan 16, 2008 01:12 PM

                                  Actually, there is a Wing It in Malden, which may be too far for ebone (although from Charlestown I'd rather drive to Malden than Allston!), but depending on where you are, holo1979, might not be so bad for you.

                                  I got a flyer in the mail but haven't made it there yet. I did like Wing It in Allston and although there is no mention of them on the Wing It website, it's the same logo as he flyer I'm looking at, so it must be the same people.

                                  Wing It
                                  247 Eastern Ave (Rte 60)

                                  1. re: Chris VR
                                    ebone RE: Chris VR Jan 17, 2008 09:54 AM

                                    I am probably more inclined to drive to Malden than Allston, you are right. If anyone has tried the wings there let it be known.

                                    I think I may just suck it up and head to Buffs this weekend though. Its been a while since I have been there, but as I seem to recall, they were probably the best I have had outside of upstate NY.

                                    1. re: ebone
                                      Chris VR RE: ebone Jan 21, 2008 11:15 AM

                                      I tried them the other night. Not as crispy as I'd like and the sauce was missing something- vinegar, maybe. And they are pricey- 17 wings was $14 or so. I discovered wings during college in central NY, and Buff's is still the only wing I've found which comes close to the wings I'm looking for. It's been years since I've been there and I need to get hubby there so he knows what I'm talking about when I complain that every plate of wings isn't quite right :-)

                                      I'd order from Wing It again, though. They were pretty meaty and definitely spicy- I had the Buffalo Wing Medium and it was a bit more spicy than I was expecting, but that's not bad, in my book.

                                      1. re: Chris VR
                                        itaunas RE: Chris VR Jan 22, 2008 11:52 AM

                                        In the same general vicinity Angela's coal fired pizza in Saugus has been advertising their wings, although they are apparently roasted and not fried/sauced. I think Karl S had good things to say about them. Still pricey....

                          2. g
                            Guinness02122 RE: ebone Jan 16, 2008 01:38 PM

                            Too bad there isn't a Buffalo Wild Wings close bye. They're very good, but the closest is just north of Hartford. Whatever happened to Wings Express? They had two locations; one in Quincy anb on in Malden (or Medford). I think Wing It is solid.

                            1. h
                              hargau RE: ebone Jan 16, 2008 02:34 PM

                              My favorite in the area are at the chicken bone saloon in framingham, I see they are opening a boston location soon but not soon enough for you.


                              I lived in rochester ny for about 7 years and you could get decent wings just about anywhere, funny they are such a hard thing to find around here.

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                              1. re: hargau
                                steve999 RE: hargau Jan 17, 2008 07:47 AM

                                Same for me, but in Syracuse. Decent pizza and wings could be found at any number of places. That's one of the few things I miss from there, along with Wegman's, Gianelli sausage, and Hoffman franks.

                                The first time I ordered wings after moving to Mass. at a pizza shop, I got an order of PLAIN wings - IE: small pieces of breaded, fried chicken with no buffalo sauce.

                                1. re: hargau
                                  Blumie RE: hargau Jan 17, 2008 08:53 AM

                                  When I was at the Chicken Bone last weekend (see my post above), the wings were just ok. Not at all crispy.

                                2. c
                                  ChrisConcord RE: ebone Jan 16, 2008 08:17 PM

                                  I lived in Ithaca for many years, and ran restaurants there. Several of which made their money with Buffalo Wings. The recipe above sounds dreadful, actually. The wings of course need to be deep fried, and rather crispily so. The sauce is the whole point, and Frank's and some butter are a starting point, but only a start. You absolutely need to add some acid, lime juice or cider vinegar tend to work best. Then some garlic, white pepper to bring out the zippiness, cayenne for heat (or more devious heat if you are a pepper-head) and some cumin for depth. Some have enjoyed some horseradish for further punch, and if you want a little sweetness an ordinary sweet bottled BBQ sauce can be added. But hopefully not very much.
                                  For blue cheese, we would cut normal bottled BC dressing with some milk, but that was more to reduce food cost. The thinner BC dressing then also went longer, with more dripping off the wing each dip.

                                  Haven't found much of worth in the area, but also haven't tried some of the better rec's listed here. Hooters was fun, for it's own unique reasons, but the wings were among the worst ever.

                                  And never ever use breading on a Buffalo Wing. (Shudders).

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                                  1. re: ChrisConcord
                                    hargau RE: ChrisConcord Jan 16, 2008 10:31 PM

                                    I agree that recipe sounds horrible. How can you cook 4 pounds of wings and only use 2 tbsp of red hot?? I dont think thats enough for 1/2 a pound!

                                    I never liked hooters wings either.

                                    1. re: hargau
                                      The Chowhound Team RE: hargau Jan 17, 2008 04:40 AM

                                      Folks, please head over to the Home Cooking board for further discussion of the perfect recipe for Buffalo Wings. Thanks!

                                  2. j
                                    jogo7375 RE: ebone Jan 17, 2008 06:15 AM

                                    I'm surprised Wing Works in Davis Square/Winter Hill is not mentioned. It's probably the same distance from Chucktown as S&S, Buffs or Wing It.

                                    These are consistently crispy and very large buffalo wings, with all the requisite flavors one could ask for besides buffalo mild, medium, hot, suicide. Highly recommended for WINGS, I am less sold on the tenders.

                                    1. s
                                      seancaez RE: ebone Feb 2, 2008 08:51 AM

                                      There is a Wing-It right on Eastern Ave in Malden, number 247. Excellent wings. Try the Teridactil (That's how WingIt spells it) and the Spicy BBQ. Both are excellent. You will not be disappointed, much better than Soundbites. Enjoy!

                                      1. MC Slim JB RE: ebone Feb 2, 2008 09:06 AM

                                        As someone with a herd of relatives in Buffalo, I think Buff's Pub does the most authentic Buffalo wings in Greater Boston. They deep-fry their wings with no breading (contradiction of which rule disqualifies palaces of suck like Hooters), and do a simple sauce of melted butter and Frank's pepper sauce. That is how they do it at Buffalonian paragons of the style like Duff's.

                                        The honey hot wings are popular at Buff's, too, but those aren't Buffalo wings. Shallow-fried wings? Not Buffalo wings. Tabasco instead of Frank's? Weeeelllll, technically not a disqualifier, but if you can get Frank's, you should use it.

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                                        1. re: MC Slim JB
                                          CambridgeFoodie RE: MC Slim JB Feb 2, 2008 09:35 AM

                                          Earlier in this thread, I endorsed Wing-It in Brighton. Have been a fan for years. Two weeks ago, returned for a medium order of Terdactil wings. Instead of the jumbo and juicy wings I was accustomed to, the wings I received were shriveled up and unappetizing. Just to note, I ate them immediately after I picked them up.

                                          Sent them a polite email and they never responded.

                                          So I now withdraw my endorsement...buyer beware. I'm going to take MC's recommendation and give Buff's another try.

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