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Jan 11, 2008 11:07 AM

Perilla Brunch Recomendations

Any recomendations for brunch at perilla? Looking to go there this weekend. Also, is it safe to assume they serve drinks for brunch?

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  1. Yes, they serve drinks. The brunch menu may have changed but when we went there a while ago, we had a really good omlette and also a spicey duck burger (kind of like the legendary dinner meatballs). The french fries were killer.

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      We had brunch at Perilla back in the early fall. We REALLY enjoyed the raspberry bellini. AS far as the food the Cuban sandwich was perfunctory, nothing special and I certainly would skip it. It was served with out-of-this-world tator tots, believe it or not. My companions had eggs (French omelette and poached with biscuits) and both were very pleased.
      I also had the bibb lettuce with vinaigrette which was delicious. As simple as it was, it still stands out as a perfectly turned out side dish.
      Enjoy. Perilla was a great place to have brunch.