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Best sushi in Edmonton

Okay, so far my favorite is Mikado, but I have not searched this out much. What are others' favs?

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  1. Mikado is one of the better, if not the best one. I've had many people tell me to try Wasabi but I haven't had the chance to go there yet.

    Shogun has good value bento boxes although sometimes the tuna has not been defrosted enough. Kyoto is ok too.

    Zen Shabu-Shabu Sushi & Grill for all you can eat (sashimi is limted to 20 small pieces per person) but that's more for quantity than quality.

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      Everyone I know really enjoys Ichiban on the west end. It's a fairly small place in a stripmall on 142 St & 87 Ave, but they have the best sushi I've ever had.

      Their sashimi is always really fresh and they have some really interesting and creative maki rolls. Also, their beef tataki is superb!

      When I lived there, I used to go at least once a week....so good.

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        I agree, Ellie, I am always very impressed with Ichiban. I would say that it's currently my fave in the city. EdiblePrairieJenn

    2. Mikado is ok. Wasabi and Furusato are both good. Kobe in the west end (Collingwood) is decent as well.

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        my husband goes to Kobe all the time, I was not impressed there salmon was 'tough', not melt in your mouth. might have to give it another try.

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          Odd, overpriced i woulda believed, but tough salmon? It's been a few years since i've been (had take out from there a few times), and it's been decent. Not good value, but that applies to pretty much most sushi in Edmonton.

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            ya, I have never experienced stringy tough salmon at a real sushi resto as opposed to tokyo express, perhaps it was a one off. will definitely try it again!

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          I agree with you. Kobe is my favourite. Mikado is ok and I like Furusato. It has been too long for Wasabi and i don't recall. There is also a place in Sherwood park called Matsuya run by a Chinese guy that trained in Japan. I love his gyu-tataki.

        3. Mikado is the winner for consistent high quality in my opinion.
          I try new places but keep going back to Mikado.

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            I like Wasabi. I try new places but keep going back to Wasabi. I've been going there since they were at the Strathcona Chinatown Market way back when..

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              I loved Wasabi when they were in the Chinatown mall. Then they moved to thei new location and the prices doubled. VFM is a big part of the equation for me :)

          2. Unfortunately, Mikado is the best I've found here...just proof that Edmonton is more of a big beef town. I'd kill for some good sushi and sashimi right now, but it can't be found here.

            For cheap and edible, I go to Yokazuna on 114 by the university occassionally mostly because I work at the U. Nothing special, but it's the best cheap lunch choice around here.

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              Hard to argue either point :)

              All 3 Yokuzuna locations are steady and reasonably priced. I eat there fairly frequently when im in town, mostly because of the convenience of the Riverbend Sq location and my dad likes it.

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                I hate to say it too..but your right Dan. Whenever I am back visiting and we go for sushi, it is always at Mikado south side. It's pretty good...but what can I say...I am a sushi snob and have had it better where I live (Toronto), and in Calgary and especially Vancouver. But Mikado is the best I have had in Edmonton. Japanese Village just has gone downhill from what I remember.

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                  I used to think the sushi in Edmonton was fine, until I started travelling more. Oddly, the best I've had was in Sweden, which may not seem like a bastion of Japanese cuisine, but you are pretty much guaranteed that your lunch was still swimming that morning, even in the small inland cities.

                  Also had some pretty amazing raw fish in Sydney Australia in what looked like crappy little diners, but with the quality fish they had, it would be almost impossible to screw it up.

              2. Our family is very loyal to Joe at Matsuya in Sherwood Park. Nothing fancy, been there for decades (was a favourite of the Mironov family when Boris played for the Oilers). The quality is as gtood as any sushi I have had anywhere although the variety is somewhat limited. The dynamite cones are heavenly. I think I could live off them alone for months.

                1. We really like Mikado, but recently friends took us to their favourite, Sankyu on Stony Plain Road and about 150st in the strip mall. We really enjoyed it. Our favourite dishes included the Alberta Wild Rose - salmon sashimi wrapped around a rice and tobiko centre looking like a lovely rose, and the Tuna Dice - squares of tuna seared/flamed by a torch on top of squares of crispy rice with a lovely wasabi/sesame sauce. Sushi and sashimi were excellent - cold, buttery, and cut beautifully. Beef tataki to rival anything I've had anywhere else.
                  I visited their downtown takeout location on Jasper and about 104 st with somewhat less success. Super nice staff - order at counter, go down the hall to the kitchen to pick up directly from chef. Gyoza were good - fresh made to order, but perhaps too much ginger for me. The sushi rice had way too much vinegar. Was annoying with the tuna sushi but completely ruined the chop scallop cone. Perhaps just a bad day. I'd certainly recommend their Stony Plain location.

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                    Sankyu is excellent, their dishes are a combination of authentic Japanese cuisine and fusion dishes with a bit of flare. I really enjoyed the tuna dice as well. Unfortunately I went to go there the other day and there is a new name on the location. I am wondering if it may be the same owners because it is still Japanese cuisine....anyone know?

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                      I don't know if it's the same owners, in fact I think it's unlikely, only because they advertised on their website that they were closing their Stony Plain location due to 'staffing shortages' sometime I think in November. It's a shame - I really liked it.

                  2. I gotta say I am surprised not to see my favourite, Tokyo Noodle Shop (10736 82 Ave, 780-430-0838) posted here. I've been going there for years and the sushi has always been consistent and fresh. Teh wait to get your order can be a bit if they are busy but I always take that as a good sign, ensuring freshness.The ramen IMHO is unparalleled and has cured many a hangover and comforted many a cold for me over the yeaers. The noodles are so fresh and delicious. Things to try for sure would be the Dragon Roll and the Dynamite roll, both outstanding. Also try Cha Shu (pork) ramen - fantastic! Great setting and location in the old bldg. there too!

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                      Went back to Ichiban on 149st, it was fantastic. Really impressed. Had the salmon, toro & tuna sushi. Also 3 different Maki, all very original, not the typical, I liked the super spider roll. The tempura was light and crisp. make reservations on a weekend night, they are small & full!

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                        Does Ichiban offer non-seafood options as well? I ask as my wife will not eat sushi nor sashimi.

                        She is usually the one going the yakitori, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and vegetable tempura route.

                        Her brother, his wife and myself are exactly the opposite and that might be a spot for the four of us to try if we get something my wife might enjoy as well.

                        Apart from this discussion I would not have thought about Ichiban despite driving past it most evenings or when I am up at Liquor Select to pick up some wine.

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                          We live nearby, so it is a great option for us. Have to be honest we were in a hurry when we went (off to a wine tasting at liquor select), so I did not look over the menu that closely. Definitely the tempura & I remember gyoza on the menu, but other than that I am not sure. I do recall the menu being quite large, so I am sure that there were other options.

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                        I ate at Tokyo noodle shop on the weekend and had a great bento box. Their tuna is pretty good and the service was great. We had a nice outdoor seat and enjoyed the sun. 35 dollars for our lunch.

                      3. Forgot to mention "I Love Sushi" on Jasper and 105. Smaller style rest. with delicious rolls (espec. the dynamite), friendly service, delivery (great for -20 weather) and happy hour prices for highballs and beer, $2.50 a pop. I used to live a block away and this location bedcame a fast fave!

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                          I'm with you! I LOVE "I Love Sushi"! It's really worth checking out. I eat there by myself when I'm in the area, and I always order another dynamite cone before she brings the bill...even when I'm full! I love their cones. The salmon skin is always nice and crisp as is the tempura in the d-cone. Last time I was there I tried the sashimi which was quite enjoyable as well. YUM! I used to think "Mikado" when I craved sushi, now I think "I Love Sushi!"...literally.

                        2. While I've always enjoyed Kyoto (99st/Argyll), things haven't been the same since the summer when, I believe, ownership changed hands. The quality was down, both in the fish and rolls, and finally after a too many disappointments, I decided to start the search for my next weekly sushi joint. Tonight I picked up my father and headed over to Sushi Wasabi in Lendrum. Walking in around 6, the restaurant was half full and we were placed about midway down the restaurant. First impression was great, looked straight forward and simply - just my kind of place. We decided to order the Wasabi combo for 2 ( 2 pieces each of - tuna, toro, salmon, shrimp, eel, hamachi, chop chop with an asparagus/shrimp roll and a shitake/avocado roll) which rang in at $47. Hot towels came out quickly and we warmed ourselves up with some tea. The meal was delicious, fish was great, rice was good, and the rolls (neither of which I would typically order) added something nice to the meal. The highlight of the night for me was easily the toro, it was melt in your mouth good. I'm definitely going to head back a few more times, to confirm my initial experience, but I may have found my next home. Too bad they don't do lunch anymore, as I'm tempted to head back tomorrow and grab the chirashi bowl.

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                            After stopping in quite a few times at both Furusato and Sushi Wasabi in the last few months, I can't recommend them enough. I know it's going to be hard to pull myself away to try somewhere else, especially after the bad experience with Ichiban on 149st.

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                              I Agree - I submit that what sets them apart is that they are owner operated and have real chefs behind the sushi counter.

                          2. I also like Mikado, partly just because they offer so many choices that you can take a non sushi eater there.

                            I'm with eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife on Tokyo Noodle Shop as well, I like it there and it has some different options. It's nice that they have smaller rolls (with prices to match) so that you can have a couple different kinds, even if you aren't a huge eater.

                            Another option to try is Koto if you are in St. Albert. It is a tiny place in a mini mall on the North East corner of St. Albert Trail and Hebert Rd (the first main intersection coming into St. Albert). It is close to home for us, and they only stay open for 3 hours after taking the fish out of the freezer, so you know your fish is reasonably fresh.

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                            1. Best Sushi? Likely not at Kyoto.
                              We were at the Kyoto near the Uof A last night. We wanted a quick bite and it was one of the few restaurants open near the Jubilee after 10:30 pm ( Pharos was open but we are going there tomorrow for the charity chowdown)
                              We ordered a sushi boat and two rainbow rolls. Dinner started with tepid miso soup and then got worse. The sushi in the sushi boat kept falling apart .The California rolls were reminiscent of the Tokyo Express version in size and texture, and the fish on the nigiri sushi was cut large in surface but extremely thin, like an orange peel. Two sushi pieces were made with essentially a crab stick cut in two sitting on a desintegrating ball of rice. The rainbow rolls looked fine but were drenched in mayonnaise inside.
                              The combination of closing time and the ubiquitous university student making sushi after two hours of training proved disastrous for our meal.

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                              1. re: felix the hound

                                That's too bad. Havnet been there for a long while but it was pretty good the times we went.
                                hope it hasn't gone done hill.

                                1. re: chewy_bakah

                                  I think it has gone downhill. I used to visit the downtown location very frequently. The lunch combo is not as good, and the salmon nigiri is inconsistent in quality. Sometimes, very good, and other times, terrible. I too have had problems with maki rolls falling apart.

                                  1. re: Sonic Monkey

                                    somewhere on these boards i have a rant about kyoto (university) - i, along with two companions, had a terrible lunch there a few months ago. i won't go back.

                                2. re: felix the hound

                                  That's too bad. I actually have the reverse experience of Kyoto university. I used to find it was pretty average, nothing to write home about. My sister and I recently went on a nondescript weekend day around 2pm for a late lunch. We ordered a ton of nigiri and I've got to say - that was the best sushi I've ever had in Edmonton. I was blown away. The quality and array of what was fresh that day was super impressive. I'll absolutely go back. Other than that, my typical favourite in Edmonton is Furusato - their fatty tuna belly is out of this world. I dream of it.

                                3. I've always enjoyed the 109 Street Kyoto.

                                  1. Y'know, notwithstanding the rants about Kyoto, their 109 St. resto is still the best sushi I've had in Edmonton (ever since they moved a few doors north on 109th near Sask Drive). Their rolls do sometimes fall apart. But taste-wise, very good. Their oyster ponzu is a fave of mine.

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                                      Love the oyster ponzu and the tofu kara age at Kyoto south.

                                    2. For people not in the know, Ichiban's menu is practically the same as the 109St Kyoto's. In fact, it's probably 95% the same, that's because the owner & his wife used to work in the kitchen of Kyoto before opening Ichiban.

                                      Now for those who ask how I know... I'm friends with the owner's son, daughter, & niece.

                                      I do enjoy Ichiban sushi a lot. However, I will agree that I've had more than my fair share of "off days". But it's not bad enough to make me complain or swear off from ever going to the restaurant again. The sushi "chefs" working the sushi bar are just regular employees with no real sushi training whatsoever. Same goes for the owner. He only knows how to make sushi because he used to work as a sushi chef @ Kyoto.

                                      The only reason I frequent Ichiban is because their lunch bento box for $10 is amazing value, and tastes pretty good. And their beef tataki ponzu sauce is to die for! The girlfriend and I could drink that stuff everyday.

                                      1. Furusato changed hands recently - rumor is that it was purchased by someone that was working there.

                                        Heard that prices went up, quality and quantity went down.. but I'm interested in trying it out first hand.

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                                          Being as I go regularly now, I can confirm Furusato did change hands. They even closed for 10 days to do some renos (paint etc) I had conversation with Dave (the GM and main sushi chef) who did mention the older sushi chef retired during the changing of ownership but Dave (who's been at it 12 or 13 years) and his mother (who works in the back mostly) are still running running the joint like before. I can't recall prices going up...but I usually order from a select menu of things.

                                          They are however, now open for lunch during the week as well.

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                                            My family goes to Furusato all the time (was their favorite for many years), and noted since the new owners took over, the fish is only slightly smaller/thinner in serving size. They used to always love how "thick" the fish was compared to most other Japanese places they tried. Maybe the thick slices weren't the proper way to make sushi slices, but at least good value for the money (according to my parents).

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                                              The sashimi was super chunky when I went there. Maybe they just got off to a shakey start.

                                        2. i enjoy mikado occassionally, their sushi tastes amazing and the presentation is very artistic. remember you eat with your eyes first! ichiban is great too, definitely a cheaper but still good option if you do not want to splurge on places like mikado

                                          1. I just went to Furusato (on Whyte Avenue) the other day and it was AMAZING!! We were with friends who ordered something I wouldn't order simply because it seems boring. I'm glad they did! I moaned with every bite. It was among the best things I have ever consumed while eating out. When you go there, order the Blackened Cod; you'll be glad you did:)

                                            The sashimi was incredibly fresh as well. If you haven't tried this place, do it! You will be happy.

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                                              At Furosato they used to give us the salmon heads and spine w/ whatever meat was left on it too, quite tasty when grilled w/ teriyaki sauce. Not sure if it was just us that got it or others as well, since we would usually order a LOT of salmon sashimi.

                                            2. I would definitely say Furusato is good along with Mount Fuji in North Edmonton for quick, inexpensive sushi.

                                              1. After living in Japan, Edmonton sushi is not great. We're talking sushi not maki rolls here. Mikado downtown is the most consistent. Chira sushi (scattered shashimi) is generally good. Most of our Japanese friends go there. Wasabi is too pricy for what you get. Kyoto is Vietnamese own, I had some poor quality fish there. Kobe is quite good too. The new ramen shop, Nomiya also has sushi but not so fresh. Ramen was not any better.

                                                1. Sorry to bump.. I was told today that Kobe in Callingwood has changed hands. The Japanese guy behind the counter is no longer there, and that there were some advertisements in the local Chinese newspapers looking for waiting staff.

                                                  1. There is a new place, small, mostly take out in Ellerslie called Kami Sushi. It only has a few seats. I work in that area, and have been quite impressed. The rice is a little different, but the fish was very fresh.