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Jan 11, 2008 10:09 AM

Best sushi in Edmonton

Okay, so far my favorite is Mikado, but I have not searched this out much. What are others' favs?

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  1. Mikado is one of the better, if not the best one. I've had many people tell me to try Wasabi but I haven't had the chance to go there yet.

    Shogun has good value bento boxes although sometimes the tuna has not been defrosted enough. Kyoto is ok too.

    Zen Shabu-Shabu Sushi & Grill for all you can eat (sashimi is limted to 20 small pieces per person) but that's more for quantity than quality.

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    1. re: anonymoose

      Everyone I know really enjoys Ichiban on the west end. It's a fairly small place in a stripmall on 142 St & 87 Ave, but they have the best sushi I've ever had.

      Their sashimi is always really fresh and they have some really interesting and creative maki rolls. Also, their beef tataki is superb!

      When I lived there, I used to go at least once a good.

      1. re: Ellie99

        I agree, Ellie, I am always very impressed with Ichiban. I would say that it's currently my fave in the city. EdiblePrairieJenn

    2. Mikado is ok. Wasabi and Furusato are both good. Kobe in the west end (Collingwood) is decent as well.

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        my husband goes to Kobe all the time, I was not impressed there salmon was 'tough', not melt in your mouth. might have to give it another try.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Odd, overpriced i woulda believed, but tough salmon? It's been a few years since i've been (had take out from there a few times), and it's been decent. Not good value, but that applies to pretty much most sushi in Edmonton.

          1. re: yen

            ya, I have never experienced stringy tough salmon at a real sushi resto as opposed to tokyo express, perhaps it was a one off. will definitely try it again!

        2. re: yen

          I agree with you. Kobe is my favourite. Mikado is ok and I like Furusato. It has been too long for Wasabi and i don't recall. There is also a place in Sherwood park called Matsuya run by a Chinese guy that trained in Japan. I love his gyu-tataki.

        3. Mikado is the winner for consistent high quality in my opinion.
          I try new places but keep going back to Mikado.

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          1. re: Magnapro

            I like Wasabi. I try new places but keep going back to Wasabi. I've been going there since they were at the Strathcona Chinatown Market way back when..

            1. re: taiphun

              I loved Wasabi when they were in the Chinatown mall. Then they moved to thei new location and the prices doubled. VFM is a big part of the equation for me :)

          2. Unfortunately, Mikado is the best I've found here...just proof that Edmonton is more of a big beef town. I'd kill for some good sushi and sashimi right now, but it can't be found here.

            For cheap and edible, I go to Yokazuna on 114 by the university occassionally mostly because I work at the U. Nothing special, but it's the best cheap lunch choice around here.

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            1. re: Dan G

              Hard to argue either point :)

              All 3 Yokuzuna locations are steady and reasonably priced. I eat there fairly frequently when im in town, mostly because of the convenience of the Riverbend Sq location and my dad likes it.

              1. re: Dan G

                I hate to say it too..but your right Dan. Whenever I am back visiting and we go for sushi, it is always at Mikado south side. It's pretty good...but what can I say...I am a sushi snob and have had it better where I live (Toronto), and in Calgary and especially Vancouver. But Mikado is the best I have had in Edmonton. Japanese Village just has gone downhill from what I remember.

                1. re: rafer madness

                  I used to think the sushi in Edmonton was fine, until I started travelling more. Oddly, the best I've had was in Sweden, which may not seem like a bastion of Japanese cuisine, but you are pretty much guaranteed that your lunch was still swimming that morning, even in the small inland cities.

                  Also had some pretty amazing raw fish in Sydney Australia in what looked like crappy little diners, but with the quality fish they had, it would be almost impossible to screw it up.

              2. Our family is very loyal to Joe at Matsuya in Sherwood Park. Nothing fancy, been there for decades (was a favourite of the Mironov family when Boris played for the Oilers). The quality is as gtood as any sushi I have had anywhere although the variety is somewhat limited. The dynamite cones are heavenly. I think I could live off them alone for months.