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Jan 11, 2008 09:46 AM

Which is the best Lockhart/Luling Barbecue?

My lovely wife the Rock Star and I are planning another Food Czar roadtrip in another month, and I'm calling on my fellow Hounds to sound off on an old and dear topic. Which of the great Barbecue Meccas in Lockhart and Luling is your personal favorite and which dish would you recommend trying? I know this topic is Old Hat for many of you, but great wood-smoked barbecue is truly an art, and we should revisit this discussion from time to time to see if anything has changed. So, come on guys, which place does it for you? Smittys? Blacks?? Kreuz??? City Market???? Sound off, Hounds, and make your voices heard loud and clear thru the starry, starry night! Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Czar, you can get a pretty comprehensive and detailed report with great photos about Lockhart and Luling BBQ from this DallasFood article:

    I've only tried Smitty's and Black's out of the 4, and of those 2, I prefer Smitty's in just about every meat item and atmosphere.

    1. City Market/Luling is the best IMHO because there are no weekspots....brisket , ribs , sausage , you name it and it is outstanding . It is also the fartherest from Dallas . L. Mueller's in Taylor is an hour closer to Dallas , and is almost as good . If you will allow me to editorialize a moment , there is not much difference between the top 5 , which I think consists of the 3 in Lockhart plus the two we have already mentioned can't go wrong , the differences are small.....let everyone know your preference whenever you and the Rock Star complete your tour . By the way , I'm jealous .

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        Thanks, guys, for your timely responses. Donna, now I remember the story from DallasFood! I knew this scene had been covered in extensive detail a couple of months back, but I didn't remember where I had seen it----now I know!!! Pinotho, I agree with you about Louis Mueller's. You must, of course, try Coopers or Lairds in Llano (Coopers is the better of the two) and The Salt Lick near Buda in far southwest Austin.

      2. Smitty's, followed by Kreuz, then Cooper's. Black's just has never done it for me. Louie Muellers and Mikeska's are very good, but never made it into my top tier. City Market - but in Giddings - meat market with a bbq area in the rear was lovely.

        Additional prize at Smitty's: the century's worth of grease all over the pipes - turning the place into an Amsterdam brown cafe, as painted by Dali.

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          1. Smittys' for sure on the brisket and sausage. Kreuz (great pork chop), then Black's. I keep hearing Chisholm Trail (sp) has great sides and is worth a try, Any thoughts on that?

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              Haven't been there or heard a word. Great sides are nice, but I still can't shake the feeling that going to a world-class barbecue place for the sides is kind of like going to Seattle or Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and ordering steak, but that's just me. Thanks much for your input, especially about Kreuz pork chop.