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Jan 11, 2008 09:40 AM

San Diego Farmers' Markets

Is there a general consensus about which Farmers' Market in San Diego is considered "the best?"

I'd prefer to find one on Saturday or Sunday mornings. South of the 52 and North of the 94 (East-West travel doesn't really matter) probably works best for me.

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  1. I'm not sure about a general consensus, but from what I can tell, the one in Hillcrest is pretty popular and has a nice variety of produce. Sunday mornings 9am-1pm in the Hillcrest DMV parking lot on Normal Ave. (St.?) Parking is hell, so I like to park on Park Ave. (pun intended, I guess) and walk over.

    Edited... because "intended" has a "t" in it. :P

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      I second geekyfoodies rec - given your parameters, Hillcrest is probably the best bet. If you want to see a list:

    2. Definitely Hillcrest or La Jolla - both are on Sunday mornings. Of the two, I think Hillcrest edges La Jolla for the best assortment in terms of food. LJ has more non-food items, like teak furniture, housewares, etc.

      1. The original poster probably already knows this, but in case anybody wants a complete list of farmers' markets in the county, you can find one at

        1. Hillcrest is definitely one of the best markets in the county for variety of goods - everything from bread and cheese to seafood and produce. Thankfully, the non-food items are tucked out of the way which leaves the prime "real estate" to the produce sellers (as it should be!).

          1. No doubt that Hillcrest is the "Primo" farmer's market in terms of variety, size, etc.
            But, because of that...parking sucks. Actually, parking sucks at the La Jolla location, too but I like going there and having entertainment (music) and Belinda's yummy chili rellenos or the smoked tri tip sandwiches....oh, and the veggies are nice too! LOL!

            P.S. Re: Hillcrest: (Be sure to get Jackie's Jams while you are there and Maria's carne asada tacos! The artichokes and asparagus guy sells some good varieties, too!)