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Jan 11, 2008 09:40 AM

Guinness chocolate cake...fantastic!

(I posted earlier this week about this- converting a recipe from cupcakes to a layer cake.)

My husband's birthday is this weekend so I decided to make him a Guinness chocolate cake w/cream cheese icing from a Dave Lieberman recipe I found in a beer magazine.

I made it last night (for tonight) and I snuck a bite from some trimming. It is delicious. The texture is somewhat dense but melts in your mouth, and the Guinness really enhances the chocolate flavor (I used Ghirardelli cocoa which probably helped). The icing is a perfect complement.

I promise to post the recipe soon, but if you have Draft magazine or Dave Lieberman's book it's in there.

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  1. I just saw this recipe for cupcakes in Dave's Dinner cookbook. My husband is a Guinness drinker and loves chocolate. I will definately give it a try after your recommendation.

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    1. Yes, please do post. It sounds great, but I don't have/want to get a cupcake pan, so the cake reformulation would be helpful.

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        I haven't tried the versions mentioned above, but Nigella Lawson's Guinness chocolate cake is absolutely to die for. It's in her "Feast" cookbook. Not too sweet, extra dense and moist, and always a huge hit.

        1. re: humblegourmand

          I have made Nigella's Guinness cake a few times and it is very good. And I don't normally care for chocolate cake. But this one is exceptional. I once made it substituting San Miguel dark beer because I had no Guiness on hand. It only made a subtle difference but I'd rather make it with Guiness.

          Here is a link to the recipe for Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Guinness Cake:

          1. re: Sam D.

            Thanks for posting this link. I made this one tonight with some leftover stout from braised short ribs I made last night. It was moist, so flavorful and...just amazing. It was so moist it sagged a little in the middle, but who cares? It's my new favorite chocolate cake.

          2. re: humblegourmand

            Absolutely! I make Nigella's Guinness cake every St. Pat's day. It's really really good.

            1. re: mimilulu

              I've had great luck with Claudia Fleming's Oatmeal Stout Gingerbread. I think the paraphrased recipe is on the Home Cooking Board somewhere. It's truly fantastic in texture and taste.

        2. Yes, lawgirl3278, it would be great if you posted! It sounds just perfect for a few occasions coming up around here! I have tried the gramercy tavern guiness gingerbread, and can really see how guiness would accentuate the chocolate. Oh, it's way too early in the day to be this hungry for chocolate already!