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Jan 11, 2008 09:40 AM


Seeking any recommendations for Cheltenham. One I am considering is "Le Champignon Sauvage". Has anyone eaten there? Equally interested in other ideas, looking for good quality, interesting food, style unimportant.

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  1. Not eaten there, Phil. But I think you must go on our behalf and report back. It looks decidedly "the business".

    1. I haven't eaten there, either, but it was highly recommended to us. I know it's well thought of. It was often mentioned on eGullet when I used to read that site.

      1. We went there a couple of years ago. It may be the best in Cheltenham (a dismal town in my opinion) but we felt it was overrated. The food just didn't excite.

        1. Phil

          Jay Rayner reviews "Lumiere" in today's Observer. And it reads like the sort of food I really want to eat. Get this is as dessert described only as "jelly & cream" - kir royale jelly, accompanied by panna cotta - and in between the two a miniature cone of ice cream (sprinkled with 100s & 1000s). Rayner describes this as a "touch of whimsy". Love it.


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          1. re: Harters

            Thanks - just finished reading the same article - it is on the list.

            1. re: PhilD

              I believe Le Champignon Sauvage is meant to be fantastic, but have not had the chance to try it since we moved here a couple of months ago.
              Monty's Brasserie is really good, in my opinion, despite the fact that it is in a hotel. For bar food, the Montpellier Wine Bar is nice although the drinks are expensive. Ditto the Hotel du Vin.
              I believe there are some good places in the Suffolks, just near the Montpellier area, certainly the pub called the Beehive (I think that's its name) is nice.
              Despite what others have said Cheltenham is a great town, just stay closer to the Montpellier and Suffolks area rather than the High Street.
              Have fun!

            2. re: Harters

              Thanks for that info. I just read the review and it looks great. I will be in the Cotswolds in September and will put Lumiere on my list. Sounds more interesting and better value than CS.