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May 31, 2001 04:35 AM

best health food store in LA/Orange co area??

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Id like to hear what everyone thinks is the best health food store in the LA/ Orange co area I really like ocean beach peoples health food store in ocean beach san diego and i really like Rainbow grocery in San Francisco but havent found a really good cheap one here in LA. Wild oats is ok and so is Whole foods but i think they are really over priced Vp discount is pretty good and i goto erewhon quite abit, still over priced but good i guess the best one in LA is the one in santa monica on broadway if anyone has opinions please post thanxs william

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  1. May I suggest a glace at the following web site, it is quite comprehensive.


    1. In OC try Mother's. There's a store at Beach & Adams, and one in Costa Mesa. In Long Beach, Papa Jon's on 2nd Street is good, but I don't know about their prices. Mother's seems to be the better bargain, with a great selection of items.