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Jan 11, 2008 08:42 AM

Gyros in metro Detroit?

I have a hankering for one, but too many places around here (freqently the coney islands are at fault), despite a decent-sized population of Greeks, sell the reheated strips of gyro meat, which are basically a drag. Anybody know of a really good one?

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  1. I really like the gyros at Kerby's on Haggerty and 8 mile.

    1. Are you looking for all lamb, or lamb and beef?

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      1. re: amandaqtpie

        There's a place called the Krazy Greek on university in Rochester Hills just off Rochester road. Not as good as Greek town but still pretty good.

        1. re: amandaqtpie

          HI Q.T. I prefer the lamb, but I like 'em both. Apparently the Greeks themselves use many kinds of meat.

        2. We usually end up in Greektown at Hellas Cafe for the real thing, complete with semi surly waiters.

          We tried the Flaming Gyros (I think that's the name) at 10/Greenfield, same plaza as Pita Cafe. It was not great--the gyros meat was cut off the spit, but was very gristly. The price was right, and we might try them again just to confirm the experience.

          If all else fails, Olga's at least has the right meat. I actually like Olga's pretty well for what it is, and it's much closer than Greektown.

          1. Try the "Golden Fleece" in Greektown. Carved off the spit.

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            1. re: bigcab

              Ditto Golden Fleece , you beat me to it . The octopus salad there is good , too .

              1. re: GoalieJeff

                I'll take Golden Fleece over Hellas any day of the week.

                Our eleven year-old INSISTED on Hellas a couple of days after Christmas and we ordered four gyros plates. The strips were pre-fabbed, not off a spit. Later I wilted on the sidewalk to see the meat turning on spits in the window of the Golden Fleece, our usual haunt. Next time it's Golden Fleece for certain.

                1. re: BerkleyAndy

                  I might have been mistaken, then about the name of the resto. I know that wherever we go the meat is on a spit, and it's not one of the "fancy" places.