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Jan 11, 2008 08:25 AM

clearwater report

Just got back from a week in Fl, Clearwater,Naples,and Titusville (near the Cape).Heres a brief repory--

Clearwater---Beachcomber--slow,inattentive service, ordered oysters Rockefeller, should have been 6,and there were only 5--the manager came out to count my oysters before giving me one more. Food was OK,but nothing great.I had lamb,others had grouper.Dessert was passable--wouldnt go back

Carreras at the Sandpearl, where we stayed.( BTW, the Sandpearl was an incredble hotel,worth the high cost) The service was very good,especially breakfast and lunch around the pool.Dinner was a little too technical,very small portions,not quite warm enough,fish wasnt cooked thru.Generally Id say it was very good,but not worth the price.

We went to Cooters as well--for a local seafood place the food was excellent,especially the crab.The appetizers were actually better than the entrees-price was reasonable

In Titusville went to Valentinos--really the best Italian since I left the Bronx 20 years ago--and very cheap

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  1. Just a minor point but I think you Carretta's at the Sandpearl.


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      sorry--dont type well --yes it is Carretta's,and it was very good--thanks