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May 30, 2001 04:43 PM

Help, need Pho near Bundy

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Can anyone suggest a place to get decent Pho near Olympic and Bundy? Something closer than Noodle Planet on Westwood & Wilshire?
Thanks. Desperate.

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  1. First time posting for me! Found this site as it was listed as one of Anthony Bourdain's (of Kitchen Confidential noteriety) favorites.

    A new Vietnamese place opened in February on the North side of Wilshire between Barry and San Vicente. It's in a strip mall where the new Mishima (that was on Olympic and Sawtelle) now is located (there's also a Baja Bud's in there - I think their sign is the biggest). They are more "pure" than Noodle Planet, and they also have a great pork chop and rice dish.

    It's tough when you go, since whether I'm at Mishima or at Pho (that's all the sign says), I gaze longingly at the other...

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    1. re: sunnyla

      Glad you took the plunge! You are the first to respond to "Critcalmass" and his pho craving. The Los Angeles board is an active place; the more the merrier! Pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Thanks Pat!

        Criticalmass, I made an error about the location - it's around Barrington and Granville on Wilshire, not San Vicente. And the name is Pho Bac Huynh (but the sign just says Pho I think).

        Let us know how you liked it!

        1. re: sunnyla
          lonesome hobo

          I can't picture the place and I pass by there every Saturday. Do you mean near where the Thai place, Bambo Hut, used to be? or further East than that in that strip mall that has the Peruvian Chicken place as well as a few other restaurants? Vietnamese in general, and Pho in particular are among my favorites so I'm anxious to know. Noodle Planet is OK but it's no Pho #1, etc.

          1. re: lonesome hobo

            I'm not sure about the Thai place you're mentioning. It's in a really cramped mini-mall. The signage has been expanded with a huge sign at the very top for Mishima. I believe it's on the NW corner of Granville and Wilshire. If I go by there again, I'll post back.

    2. Hello. I was referred here by sunnyla, and she told me about someone looking for a Pho place. She mentioned the Pho Bac Huynh Place, but I also discovered another one last week. Never knew! I ran into it by accident, but it is on the north side of Santa Monica between Colby and Federal. I can't remember the exact name, but it starts like "Le Saigon" something or other. I haven't tried it yet, but I have walked past the place, and it smelled pretty good. Let me know how good it is!

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      1. re: kvhan

        That's just how Chowhound got to be such an awesome site, one chowhound telling another. And if *you* get to "Le Saigon" first, tell us all about it. If it's really good let us know, but if it disappoints, that's valuable to know as well. From what you say, it sounds like you have a "nose" for good food! pat

        1. re: kvhan

          Hey Chowhounds, Thanks so very much for introducing me to Le Saigon. went to lunch today and am already planning my next visit. What a gem.

          The Pho was decent (typical choices, beef, pork, chicken - no tripe or tendon for the die hard fans), but more importantly, they had a spectacular NEM NUONG (get the charboiled pork) - it's a do it yourself fresh springroll wrap. Not only do the thin, but resiliant rice crepes come individually stack upon plastic pink discs (to keep them from sticking together), the virtual garden of fresh herbs, mint, basil, cilantro, julienned carrots & cukes, and the wonderfully charred bits of lean pork you can stack in these crepes - it's really great. This one dish is reason enough to visit Le Saigon. we also had BUN, rice vermicelli piled with seasoned charbroiled chicken. also a great dish.
          Very strong coffee w/condensed milk (but it didn't come in the individual drip - still good).
          It's a small storefront (one table outside) maybe ten tables inside. Enjoy.

          1. re: criticalmass

            Thanks for getting back to us! You should still try the Pho Bac Huynh on Wilshire, since they have the hard core dishes like tripe and snails. Kvhan who told you about Le Saigon has had those dishes here and says they're good (I stick with the beef and pork dishes).

            1. re: criticalmass
              victoria mazzawi

              my name is victoria from london ontario canada.
              this receipe is very good which my friends & i are regulars at one of the thai restaurants in downtown london. it's very good and it's very similar to yours.
              i wish if i can have the receipe pls. i searched many web sites for it and none have the it listed.
              the full name is bun nem nuong,thit nuong,cha gio (grilled pork balls,B.B.Q. pork,spring rolls with vermicelli). it's to die for.
              thks & regards,

              1. re: victoria mazzawi

                This is not a recipe exchange site. But try searching through Altavista, I found some sites there.


            2. re: kvhan

              Pho Bac Huynh is hard to find, but it's great once you find it. It's on Wilshire & Granville, next to Subway and Kinko's. The cleanest pho place you'll ever see...