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Jan 11, 2008 08:18 AM

Where to dine in the South Bay?

Hi folks,

I live in Sunnyvale (as of June) and want to go to a nice, fun place with good food. I'm not super familiar with the offerings down here. Any suggestions for a good Saturday night place - not too far from home?


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  1. What makes a place fun for you? Lively crowd? Young crowd? In Sunnyvale, my friends all love DishDash (I don't), but you might. In Mountain View, Cascal has a good mix of food and atmosphere; there's also Xahn and Neto's. Don't forget to check out earlier posts for Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

    1. Agree with Claudette except I like DishDash (appetizer platter & lamb, yum). When you have the time, you should explore Castro and adjacent streets in downtown Mtn. View and Murphy street in Sunnyvale to get a feel for the area. Just read on CH about House of Falafel in Sunnyvale (on Arques) though probably not for a Saturday night and then there's always P.F. Changs:-)

      1. Hi! I live in downtown SJ so can offer tips...but really, back to the original question, what is good to you? Ethic? hole in the wall? mid range Californian style...good is awfully subjective. If you can provide some boundaries, we'll be better able to provide on relevant suggestions.
        Some of my favorites (in no paticular order and for very different reasons) are:
        The Garage
        71 St. Peter
        Los Cubanos
        Vung Tao

        1. Try Castro Street in Mountain View. It's not far from Sunnyvale and there's a definitely a good variety of restaurants.