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Jan 11, 2008 08:13 AM

Buffalo Wings in Mount Kisco

Where can I get the best buffalo wings in Mt. Kisco? O'Malleys are okay but is there perhaps some great place unknown?

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  1. I know this may sound strange, but I've had really good wings at Applebee's in Mt. Kisco (and other locations). Lots of sauce, nice and crispy, usually pretty large. I wouldn't eat anything fancy there, but usually when I eat there I have the wings as my entree. The fact that they had a coupon in a calendar last year good for a free appetizer when you got an entree, didn't hurt, my wife ordered a burger and I got the wings free :-). Sadly they did away with that coupon in this year's calendar :-(.

    1. If you don't mind driving 10 minute over to Bedford Village, the wings at Meetinghouse (next door to the movie theater) are very good.

      1. Michael's in P'ville and its sister restaurant in Katonah -- the name escapes me but it is in the shopping center where the A and P is, both have excellent wings, meaty, fresh, and spiced to your taste. Burgers are consistently good as well.

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          Try the Wings at Langes in Chappaqua. My son and I tried a great many places watching football on Sundays and I thought theirs was the best in the neighborhood.

        2. The best wings, bar none, are the gorgonzola wings from the Heights in Yorktown. Eight wings, nine dollars. Heavenly mix of gorgonzola cheese, vinegar based hot sauce, a crisp cooking style with attention to moistness. Comes with side of refreshing slaw. Bar cocktails are excellent.

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            Also good wings at Justin Thyme in Croton on Hudson. I know it's a little out of the way but worth the trip.

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              Murphy's, around the corner from The Heights, also has very good wings.

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                Make a reservation for the Heights; this thread led to an impulse visit there on Saturday and we couldn't get in. We went to Murphy's instead and indeed the wings there were very good.