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Jan 11, 2008 08:13 AM

Sweet Lucys?

Comments on this place. BIL loves BBQ and we were going to give it a try. I understand it is BYOB. What are the crowds like on the weekend? Particularly interested in hearing what people have to say about the brisket and the chicken. How about the sides/potato salad/cole slaw. We make great potato salad and cole slaw in our family, so we are hard critics of this!

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  1. I don't know about the weekend crowds since I do take out, but I have never been disappointed by anything I have had there and neither have my various dining companions! The chicken is good - moist and tender - note to the pork adverse though, I understand they let the pork baste the chicken while they cook! I LOVE the pulled chicken (they also have pulled pork). Their cole slaw is good, although I prefer my coleslaw tangy and their's is not. I eat their greens and green beans which I like - well seasoned and not overly cooked (but this is BBQ, so no crunchy green beans here!). I am sad to say that I have never made it past the ribs, pork and chicken to the brisket!

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      I tried it and thought it was just ok to be honest with you. Eveyone seems to like it though, so don't let me dissuade you. Maybe they were just off my one visit. The chicken was pretty good as were the collard greens, but the pulled pork (which was not all that pulled and was in big chunks), the ribs, and baked beans all suffered from a BBQ sauce that to me was too reminiscent of tomato paste. The whipped sweet potatoes were just fair. They were very friendly there and had very, very good cornbread though.

    2. jfood did a review in september 2006. Need to manage your and BIL's expectations.

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        Just read you review. It does not sound encouraging; but we are feeling a bit desperate for BBQ, so may check it out anyway.
        I thought you were up in CT, jfood; did not realize you were local to Philly.

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          I travel a lot on biz. My previous assignment brought me to northern suburbs of philly twice a month. Plus FIL/MIL lived in Wayne for many years, so jfood very much misses Yum-Yum donuts in Warminster. Now that's a reason to drive. Boston Creams to die for.

          He was looking forward to some good Q and it was a tad disappointing after all the stuff jfood read about it.

      2. The thing about Sweet Lucy's is that you need to remember that some people consider it to be the best BBQ in PHILADELPHIA. To me, that is the equivalent of finding the best cheesesteak in Chicago.

        While Sweet Lucy's is good, keep in mind that it won't thrill you if you are used to having BBQ in the parts of the country that do it very well (Carolinas, Texas, etc.).

        Just my opinion.

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          I know...I lived in Texas for several years and experienced great Mexican, and great BBQ at many spots. I'd give anything for some Goode Company BBQ right now. But, you have to take what you can get. My expectations on the BBQ are that it will suffice. Is there a better place in the Philly area? I heard about Fat Jacks in Audobon, NJ, but don't know anybody that has tried it out yet.
          On the flip side, Italian food in Texas in pretty miserable compared to what we can get in numerous places without even putting out any effort. (when Carrabas opened in Houston, friends of mine had no problem waiting 2-3 hours to get in!)

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            Ten years ago I was a grad student at Rice. One of my favorite to-go orders was Goode Company's sandwich of brisket on jalapeno bread ($3-4 at the time). I miss their BBQ and pecan pie something fierce. I used to bring both back for my parents when I flew home for the holidays :) Don't get me started on their yummy dry rub ribs.

            I'm getting ready to book an international flight, and am trying to scheme a long layover just so I can (somehow) get some Good Company *sigh*.

            On topic...Sweet Lucy's....I've been there twice about a year ago. I would describe it as good to almost very good for some items. It's definitely not Texas or the Carolinas. I concur with bluehenfan's review above.

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              That story reminds of when my wife used to fly to Kentucky for work on a semi regular basis. She used to bring back BBQ ribs and pulled pork (enough to last until her next trip) packed in a little cooler with frozen packs. She became kind of a regular at the restaurant, so they used to vacuum pack the stuff for her.

              Airport security once asked her what she had in the cooler and she replied, "Just ribs and pork." They waved her through.

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                Oh, the soft white jalapeno bread...almost forgot about that. Love their brisket; and their chicken was the best. You know that you can buy the pecan pie online.

          2. Fat Jack's is a local South Jersey chain. I have not been to the Audobon location, but the Washington Twp shop has excellent pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork and brisket. I am usually too full to bother with the sides.

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              There is a great BBQ place (IMO) around here is Firehouse BBQ in Kennett Square or Elkton MD. They have rare off days and sometimes run out of some types of cornbread but they are very good:

              1. re: bluehensfan

                We tried this place. The food was terrific. I am from the South originally, and while Firehouse is not quite as good as really southern BBQ, Firehouse had really tasty pulled pork and chicken. People should try it. They are probably a fun caterer to use as well. Also the cornbread is good, and maybe that is why they run out. Maybe they need a big screen TV and some boutique beers to draw bigger crowds.

            2. I know there are plenty of people on here who don't like Sweet Lucy's, but my husband and I have been about a half dozen times now and we love it. I've only tried the pulled pork (side were mac & cheese and spicy collards, along with cornbread) but I have to say I think it's really great BBQ. We brought friends for our latest visit and they also fell in love with the place and we have plans to go later this month with our neighbors.

              I should point out, however, that I've never had authentic Southern BBQ so perhaps I don't know what the best of the best truly tastes like. Regardless, we really enjoy Sweet Lucy's and will keep going there as often as we get a BBQ craving.

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              1. re: SarahEats

                I agree, totally. I think Sweet Lucy's is very good. The pulled pork, chicken, and brisket are all excellent sandwiches and almost all of the side items are very good as well. I would recommend Sweet Lucy's to anyone looking for some good local BBQ.