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Jan 11, 2008 07:59 AM

good lunch spots in uptown charlotte?

hi! any recommendations?

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  1. I eat lunch uptown almost every day. There's a huge range though. What sort of price range are you looking for? Sit down and be waited on or take out?

    Some of my usual haunts are: Tin Tin Box and Noodles (but I wish they would quit putting everything in Styrofoam), Fujo for nice Chinese, United House of Prayer for Meat + 2 + cornbread, and Pita Pit for falafel.

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      any price range would work. we have a 2 yr old and a 3yr old though so a good kiddie place would be nice. thanks!

      1. re: veralenn

        Well I can't say that I dine with children too often, so there may be others better informed on that topic than I. There are two Fuel pizzas uptown: one across from the convention center, one near Discovery Place. Matt's Chicago Dog has great hot dogs, though it can be hard to get a table at lunch time.

        Anybody else with good places for kidlets?

        1. re: concordcourtney

          We've been bringing the kids to Ri-Ra since they were little. Just during the day, not after 5, unless it's warm and we can sit outside. They're very accomodating to kids. Foods okay but the kid-friendly thing makes them a hit with us. They have good fish and chips and I had a pretty decent shephard's pie there a while back. My husband loves the Reuben.