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May 30, 2001 02:50 AM

Chasen' the chili at Gelson's

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Is the Chasen's chili at Gelson's the same kind that was served at the restaurant? I got a sample which was good, but the one I paid $11 for tasted like it came a can. I even went to another Gelson's and it tasted the same there. Are they trying to pull a fast one? One clue I had was the fact that the chili had no tomatoes in it, and I know Chasen's put tomatoes in theirs.

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    Michael Robertson Moore

    The "Chasen's chili" I had at Gelson's tasted like the swill that Hormel puts in cans. According to what I've read, that makes it pretty authentic.

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    1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

      If the chili they served at Chasen's wasn't actually canned, somebody spent an awful lot of time trying to duplicate that zesty canned taste.

      1. re: sluglord

        some people crave the "authentic canned taste". there's a "market" for it.