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Do you know good restaurants in and around Manhattan Beach ?

I have been in Manhattan beach for a few weeks now, and I am looking for a top notch restaurant. So far in Manhattan Beach itself I have enjoyed Cafe Pierre, Octopus and Mangiamo. I was very disapointed by 12 and Highland. So, for saturday, I am looking for a good, gourmet restaurant in or around the Manhattan Beach / LongBeach area, that would serve some decent French, italian or new american food.

Can you recommend something ?


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  1. Petros, the Greek place in MB, is pretty good. But if you're really thinking "gourmet," then you need to head north to other parts of LA because MB is a gourmet wasteland. That's one of the reasons I moved.

    1. Darrens (american new, sorta), La Sosta Enoteca (italian)

      Thats about it.

      The del in playa del rey gets great reviews. It is somewhat updated American comfort food with slight international flair, but more or less updated American comfort. It definitely isnt diner food.

      Another option could be bora bora. It is polynesian, but really its ribs, ribeye, risottos, etc. It sounds bad, but it is actually decent. It has a fantastic beer list and a cool vibe, so I am partial to it.

      Gina Lees in South Redondo is decent asian fusion. It isnt Chinois on Main quality. If you have been to Mako, Orris, Celadon, Beacon in LA or any really good asian fusion place in SF, you wont like it, but it is 5 huge steps above PF changs. It is chef owned by a korean and a french husband wife couple, but neither of them actually man the stoves anymore.

      A lot of people mention restaurant Christine in Torrance. The restaurant is ambitious, but it never delivers compared to the better LA or SF counterparts. I dont like that place, but it is somewaht america-modern/pan asian. They have a tasting menu, so tthat says "something" but not much.

      If it were me I would choose La sosta Enoteca and get the cutting board, and some pasta. I hear Darren's is good, and it is owned and operated by a very capable american-modern chef. I dont know if he is classically trained, but he has attention to detail and is skilled. It just opened, so it might still be working out the kinks. That is a place I have my eye on.

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        Had dinner at Christine's two weeks ago and was disappointed. It had been a couple of years since we ate there and either memory was playing tricks on us or it is not the Christine's we remembered. We had two meat dishes, an Osso Buco and a Piedmonte sampler special. Both had wine reduction sauces that were very heavy and overpowered the dish. It was all you could taste.

      2. Previous posts have mentioned a place called Borra Borra or something in MB. My buddy really likes it.

        1. I had a very nice dinner last night at Chez Melange in Redondo Beach..

          Chez Melange
          1716 Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

          1. I never had disappointing meals at:

            REED's Restaurant
            2640 N Sepulveda Blvd
            Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
            Phone: (310) 546-3299

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              Reeds is solid... Also for a bit more casual, but still very nice dining and menu, I really love the Farm Stand in El Segundo....

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                I have only been to Reed's for lunch, at least a dozen times and have never been dissapointed. About a minute or two walk from mom's house so she's a regular and really likes it.

              2. From a lot of prople who really love the South Bay...


                1. I second recomndations for Petros, and also recommend Tracht's in Long Beach.

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                    One place that I often go to lunch at is Lido's in Manhattan Beach. It's right next to Houston's on Rosecrans. While Houston's has an hour wait, is extremely noisy and is very pricey, I find Lido's to be very quiet, never a wait, good service and good food. They have a tortellini salad with chicken breast, avocado, spinach, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, marinated mushrooms & mixed greens all tossed in light vinagrette that I just LOVE! I order it every time I go. Other's that I go with have enjoyed the pesto w/angel hair, seared ahi tuna salad and other pasta dishes. Anyway, I enjoy them often and would highly recommend them.

                    1. Have you tried Matisse in the Ayres Hotel? My friends who could afford to eat just about anywhere seem to like it. I was treated once, it was fine, upscale ambience.

                      14400 Hindry Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

                      1. It's a quick ten or fifteen minute drive up vista del mar to Jerne in the Ritz Carlton in MDR...ten steps up from the places you mentioned...in the other direction, i had a really top notch and enjoyable lunch the other day at Depot in Torrance. Interesting menu, friendly owner and very personal service. There are also a couple of good sushi places in Gardena.

                        1. While perhaps not gourmet, these restaurants have very good food:

                          Il Boccacio in Hermosa Beach Pier is fabulous - lasagna done with beschamel sauce - old world, old style - outstanding. North End - excellent gourmet sandwhich shop, Highland and 35th St., Fonz's on Highland & Man. Bch Blvd. - great for fish and steak, Katsuma - Sushi on the corner or Rosecrans and Highland - small, outstanding and a little boisterous, but very authentic, Bora Bora, Manhattan Beach, 35th and Highland small, quaint, quiet restaurant, polynesian food - ribs to die for!!!!!, Chez Melange is probably the gourmet restaurant of the area that is 'really gourmet', we are world travelers and we really like the cuisine in this area which you get to enjoy beachside unlike most of LA Keep this post going, always looking for new places.

                          1. I second Pertros. Great food average decor. For truly gourmet go to Mellisse in Santa Monica

                            1. Darren's in Manhattan Beach if very good food, friendly service and a nice bar!