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Jan 11, 2008 07:23 AM

Noodle Soup in Flushing

Looking for a good place in Flushing for some noodle soup tonight. I was thinking Pho on Prince, but would like somewhere new. I'm interested in a sit down restaurant - not one of the food courts in the malls. Thanks.

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  1. Chao Zhou's noodle soups are great. It's my favorite noodle spot in Flushing. It's on Main St, diagonally situated from the Flushing library with the big red bowl on it's roof (sorry, I forget the cross streets).

    I always order the "Cambodian" the slices of salted pork, fish balls & shrimp are delicious. They have an addictive hot sauce too, made of green & red chilies, slightly vinegary. Their country style duck is highly popular too.

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      I think Chao Zhou is on Main St. and 41st Avenue. I love their soups, too, but I usually go for breakfast and get congee and noodles. You're right about the hot sauce, too.

    2. Banana Leaf, Malaysian Cuisine, on 41st Ave just west of Main St. and across from the municipal lot, has a really nice space and very good food. I usually get the Asam Laska (spicy and sour) but the menu has an entire section of other noodle soups featuring chicken, duck, prawns, etc.

      1. Next time when you don't mind food court food, try the noodle soup at Hand Drawn Noodles in the Flushing Mall (133-33 39th Ave.). The noodles are great, they roll it in front of you before cooking it, and their menu is in English.