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Jan 11, 2008 07:05 AM

Good food AND watch the game?

Hi all, it's my husband's birthday and we'd like a nice place to watch the Patriots game Saturday while not compromising on food or competing w/ "super" fans (super loud, super drunk, etc). We live in the city, but aren't opposed to traveling for a good spot. There are 6 of us, all food is fine, though I think they equate sports=bar food, burgers so that is preferred.


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  1. Waterfront Cafe, North End (Commercial Street).

    1. In Newton Upper Falls, excellent comfort food/bar food, not too large or noisy, nice atmosphere and should not get loud, drunk crowd; many big screen tv's: Johnny's Biltmore Cafe.

      1. Bob's suggestion of the Waterfront is a good one, although I have been there when it has gotten quite loud. For a more low key evening I like the bar at Artu. They only have one TV but it's easy to view and you can get a shrimp scampi pizza or a nice sirloin steak. I also had the most incredible expresso martini there last week. It was made with Gianduia Liqueur (Bottega). I can't even describe the taste sensation!!!
        Most games, I end up at CF Donovans. Just take the red line to Savin Hill station and it's directly across the street. They have plenty of TVs and you really can't beat the food. My favorite lately being the Bianco pizza with shrimp and garlic added. It's more like a bruschetta with shrimp, but it's delicious. Other dishes include surf & turf (tenderloin and shrimp); chicken parm; chicken curry; parmsean crusted haddock; and chicken bella bocca.

        1. Maybe the Dogwood Cafe in JP? I'm pretty sure their TVs are big enough to watch from the dining area, though perhaps BostonBob can confirm this for me (thanks, Bob!).

          I also like the idea of the Waterfront Cafe or CF Donovan's.

          For a really quiet, mellow night of watching the game from one of many TVs in a classy, old-money environment, you could always go to The Last Hurrah in the Omin Parker House, though the food is just ok.

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            It's a little iffy regarding TV viewing from the dining room. A few pillars and lots of people milling about what is sure to be a crowded bar may make the view fairly obstructed.

          2. I see that 28 Degrees in the South End will have the game on. Pretty swanky environs to watch the Pats in.

            My preference would be for J.J. Foley's a few blocks away: solid bar food and Irish food, good beer selection, cool 19th-century atmosphere, nice people, modest prices. But there will probably be a bit of hooting and hollering.