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Jan 11, 2008 06:58 AM

Denver Restaurant Week - Late Feb

The subject of Denver Restaurant Week came up on another topic thread. Here's the skinny: Feb 23-29. Cost is $26.40 per person (which = $52.80 for two), plus gratuties and taxes. Beverages, esp wine/beer, usually additional. Most of the 175 restaurants offer three-course meals and most have a limited menu. Restaurant list and registratation at .

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  1. The Denver Restaurant Week website should be live by the middle of next week with menus from the 175 participating restaurants. Some of the restaurants even throw in wine with the two multi-course dinners for $52.80. This is a great opportunity to try out a new restaurant with little risk or return to an old favorite.

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      I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the menus on that website! We had a fantastic meal of a duck quesadilla and stuffed quail at The Fort last year. Where has everyone else gone in past years and what experiences have you had?

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        So you folks tout Denver's RW highly? To tell you the truth, it was considered pretty hit-or-miss in Boston; some restaurants really did it right, using it as an opportunity to win over new customers with their hospitality, but some used it as an opportunity simply to pull 'em in & push 'em out.

        1. re: tatamagouche

          I think it can be hit or miss in Denver too. I had one great experience at The Fort and one pull 'em in & push 'em out type experience at Prima in Boulder. Restaurant week is only a few years old in Denver, so we all still get excited. I'd love to hear about other people's past experiences! Claire - surely you've done restaurant week in the past?

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            My experiences have definitely been hit and miss situation. Some restaurants see opportunity, while others see hassle. Even more difficult is that a lot of the restaurants you may be used to eating at have to 'tone down' the food to even break even on the week. I've eaten at some of my favorite places during RW only to be dissapointed, because they A: couldn't afford to, and B: couldn't pull off their regular menu items due to the volume.

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              Since I live in Boulder, I've been to several places during the first and second annual First Bite Boulder but only to one during last year's inaugural Denver Restaurant Week. Yes, the menus are sometimes "toned down," but what would one expect of a promotion that, in fact, is well priced and designed to expose as many diners with just a sampling of their kitchen's style and skills?

              The only one in Denver we went to last year as in a group of six was Texas de Brazil out at Stapleton. It wouldn't be my choice, Restaurant Week or not. Dynamite salad/hors d'ouevres bar where I could eat myself silly. Costumed waitrons running around w/ skewers of meat that they portion out to anyone who wants whatever is on the skewer is not my thing anyway, RW or not. There was a wait to be seated, despite our reservations, and the service was rocky, but I didn't hold it against the place. There was a line to get in all evening, but no one rushed us. We lingered at the table, had a great time and the dedicated carnivores practically stuffed themselves into a stupor.

              IMO, restaurant weeks are ways to give someplace new-to-you a try, to thank an favorite place and generally support the local dining scene. They are not going to be memorable dining experiences, so lower your expectations, make a reservation or two and have a good time.

              Seven of us are going to Via in LoDo on the 26th, and I'm looking foward to it. I've blogged all my previous restaurant week experience and will do so for this one too.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                Awesome. I'm unfortunately going to be employed this RW (the past year I wasn't) so instead of eating myself silly for a week, I'll be cooking it silly. But, I've heard nothing but good things about the chef there (James something or other?), and the turnaround in the past (2-3 years? I'm not sure) that he's pulled off. I not only hope it's awesome for you, but am severely jealous that you get to check it out.

                1. re: foodite25

                  James Mazzio -- CO's second F&W Best New Chef when he was at Boulder's 15 Degrees. Chef at Boulder's Triana. Both are gone. Created ChefJam in Broomfield. Part catering business, part limited-menu restaurant, part cooking class site. Also gone. Left for IL. Returned to CO to Via.

                  Good luck in being un-unemployed soon.

        2. Thanks so much for the heads up. I was able to get 3 reservations. Hope everyone else is as lucky as I was!

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          1. re: Mimi

            I just tried to get ressies at Mizuna (which I love) and was turned away. I'm looking for suggestions of new restaurants to try this special week :)

            1. re: lavendula

              I scored on Mizuna, Restaurant Kevin Taylor and Oceanaire. I was initially denied at Mizuna but kept checking with and got lucky this morning. Maybe you will too if you are persistent. Good luck!

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                What is Restaurant Kevin Taylor all about?

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                  Menus just went up for Denver Restaurant Week:


                  The sooner you book, the better. Reservations are being sucked up like oysters.

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                    Excellent food and (mostly) expensive wine.

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