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May 29, 2001 07:19 PM

The Little Door

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Hey everyone! I'd heard of this restaurant (from Meridith Brody's column?) but never been and was wondering if anyone can clue me in on the place.

It's on 3rd right? Near Robertson?

I'm thinking of taking my girlfriend there for an intimate dinner, is it the right ambience? (I'm thinking yes)

~~ roy ~~

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  1. I was there two friday nights ago with my wife for a romantic dinner. The food was very good but our waiter sucked. He took our order, opened the wine(and condescendingly proclaimed "It's cold enough, you don't need an ice bucket for it"), and never returned except to literally toss the check at us. No one ever came to check up on us. My wife sat without a knife for five minutes while our entrees got cold. I couldn't make eye contact with anyone so I finally got up and asked a busboy for a knife.(I DO mind getting up and asking for a knife with fifteen dollar appetizers and thirty dollar entrees).

    There were only four simple things the waiter had to say and do:

    1. "Would you like an ice bucket for your wine?"
    2. "Are your appetizers satisfactory?"
    3. "Are your entrees satisfactory?"
    4. He could've taken an extra step and a half in our
    direction so he wouldn't have to toss the check at us.

    These four things would have taken no more than five minutes of the waiter's time. They would've turned a lousy dining experience into a great one.

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      I have read quite a lot of reviews of this place, and the bad attitude, (battitude), ran through many of the "regular" folks comments who ate here. So, with this latest review I have now permanently crossed it off my list for any future visit. Let's hear it from the chowhounds about restaurants with outstanding battitude. I can still clearly remember going into Muse a few years ago on a Monday night, very, very early, and having the hostess give us the worst table in the room, and we were the only people there. My wife has a way of going off on people at times when she feels like she is getting the sharp end of the stick, and this was one of her better eruptions. I sort of felt a little sorry for the poor hostess. But, that was our one and only visit to the Muse.

      1. re: 2chez mike

        thanks folks, I think we'll just go to Shiro, it's closer to my house anyway : )

        ~ roy

      2. I've been there twice (it's actually east of La Ciengia, not Robertson) and the food both times was outstanding. The service is very hit or miss but I did get the feeling that if you weren't hip enough by their standards, the service is sub-par. It is a romantic place, but if you aren't Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, it appears you aren't treated well.