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Jan 11, 2008 06:10 AM

Brown Butter Pasta Recipes

Do you have a good one?

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  1. The simplest is just some thin spaghetti with brown butter and some parmesan cheese which is sometimes the best. The most popular has to just be butternut squash (or sweet potato) ravioli with brown butter-sage sauce which I believe there's a recipe on chow for. You could probably deconstruct that if you like and make some sort of puree and toss it with fettuccine and brown butter and cheese or something. Good luck.

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      I love brown butter and sage or rosemary, with parmesan sprinkled on top. Goes very nicely with cheese ravioli or just spaghetti. When I make the sage one, I also put some finely sliced fresh sage on top, in addition to the "fried" sage leaves.

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        Do you just pour the sauce on the spaghetti or do you saute the spaghetti in the sauce for a bit? Thanks so much!

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          I usually add the spaghetti/ravioli to the sauce briefly and toss or flip as appropriate.

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              Do let the butter get nice and brown! And I make sure to get out all the little brown bits with a spatula when I serve the dish.

    2. i have to admit that i love the old spaghetti factory's brown butter w/ mizithra spaghetti. some girlfriends and i made this one w/ some parsley and sauteed crimini mushrooms one night...densely caloric, but yummy!~

      1. For Christmas Eve., my family went to Gaslight in Boston. There were no vegetarian entrees on the menu, but I had arranged ahead to have one for my son. They prepared a lovely vegetable ravioli with a brown butter sauce, toasted pine nuts and small pieces of roasted fig. It was really good.

        1. Thaw (and pat dry) some frozen ravioli and saute it in brown butter. When it is getting toasty, add some balsamic vinegar to the pan. Coat the ravioli and serve. This is one of the dishes I turn to when it's dinnertime, I'm hungry, and I haven't planned a meal.

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            The ravioli actually cooks in the butter? Sounds like a great time saver - I always boil mine first.