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May 29, 2001 07:10 PM

Fondue in LA or OC??

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Just had a great meal at a place called La Fondue in Saratoga. Looking for a similar fondue place in LA or Orange County.

Any help is most appreciated.


Chris B

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  1. There are two fondues on the menu at Röck in Marina del Rey: one is chocolate; the other must be cheese. Never tried them.

    1. La Fondue Bourguignon on Ventura in Studio City. Friendly, family run place. Great cheese fondue.

      1. There was a fondue thread quite a while back that I've posted the link to below.

        I haven't tried the Fondue restaurant in the valley but have tried the fondue appetizer at the Cadillac cafe - which I have to say was a disappointment. Large portion, but very simple and almost grainy in texture. It was a big difference from the wonderful Mexican Cheese Fondue (or something similar - had jalapenos and onions in it) and the Half-Milk/Half-White Chocolate Dessert Fondue that I had at La Fondue in La Jolla.


        1. JOYA (242 Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills [310] 274-4440)

          There is a new restaurant/club that opened in Beverly Hills a few monthas ago called JOYA. They serve a a three course fondue meal with a salad. You start off with a cheese course with bread and vegetables. We had a spicy cheese with bacon bits. Delicious! Then you get your choice of filet mignon, chicken or ???? to roast with a variety of 5 different dipping sauces. The dessert is a bunch of tasty morsels that you can dip in your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate.

          They currently only serve dinner on Friday and Saturday nights at either an 8PM or 10PM seating, reservations only. The dining area surrounds a dance floor which is opened at 10:30 PM so if you want a quiet dinner take the 8PM seating. You are more than welcome to stay after dinner and dance to some pretty good music. Service was superb! Our server was helpful and attentive.

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          1. re: Allison

            I tried to make reservations and got a recording telling me to call another number. I called the other number and got a recording that told me that I have to be punctual and that my reservation had to be secured by a credit card and that if I was 15 minutes late, tough. Seems like alot of work and attitude for some melted cheese and chocolate. Was this the best meal you have ever had? Was it worth jumping through all of the hoops?

            1. re: Larry

              JOYA does make you go through some hoops for dinner since I believe it is done by the club promotion company not the bar. Probably why its limited to fondue and not a full menu. Also although it is in a large room, most of the space is taken by a dance floor with seating only around the edge of the room. They have 4 booths that can accomodate 5 people and table seating that can accomodate another 25 people at most. This is probably why they are strict on the arrival time.

              I thought it was very good but for a fondue experience. with good fondue, wonderful service, decent wine and a quiet atmosphere. Fondue by its nature tends to minimalist so I would not qualify this as my best meal ever but pretty good fondue.