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Jan 11, 2008 05:09 AM

What did you think of Helen's review?[Charlotte,NC]

Regarding Helen Schwab's article in today's Observer: I had completely forgotten about La Paz, honestly didn't think it was still open. For the past few years I've been trolling the "real" authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex spots in Charlotte and forgot how much I enjoyed La Paz. I will definitely make it a point to visit once the revamping is complete. I'm so excited that it's being revamped. I dissed GW Fins because the restaurant's name is so awful, but if Helen says so, I'm going to have to try it. As for Zada Jane's, I have been avoiding it because of the review it's gotten here and from other folks I know who have been. I will make it a point to try it. What other restaurants are you excited about in Charlotte for 2008?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Peace! to all foodie folks and things. I will try Allende if you will try
      Taqueria Mexico
      7001 South Blvd Ste D
      Phone: (704) 552-2461
      I agree about Unica it is very good. As to Monsoon I think it pretty good but I prefer Thai Taste on East Blvd. Hey if we all liked the same things we would only need one really huge restaurant for all of us ;-)

      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

        That's better. I have been to Taqueria Mexico about eleventy billion times. I LOVE it. Thai Taste is great but it's often hard to get a table. Also, if you ask, Monsoon will make a Thai version of Pho. For the real thing, Pho 98 on South an Archdale is off the chain. I am from the NYc area to and will read your blog.

        1. re: southernitalian

          I ask this with nothing but love why would you want a Thai version of Pho? I don't want a Vietnamese version of Pad Thai .:-) My favorite Pho is a t Pho Hoa on Central Ave next to Dim Sum

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          1. re: GodfatherofLunch

            Because it's REALLY good! Give it a try. My colleagues go to Monsoon a few times a week and like I said, I love it, but sometimes, particularly if I'm feeling worn down, I'll order the noodle soup. It's not as intense as Pho, but very good. My favorite dish there is the bean thread (the menu used to read, "Bean Threat" noodles which is what originally caught my attention) noodles, with chicken and three stars of heat. Heaven! I love Pho Hoa and recently tried the tendon. Jury is still out on that one.

            1. re: southernitalian

              One thing not to miss at Pho Hoa and also available at most Pho joints is Vietnamese Iced coffee.
              WOW it is a taste treat
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              1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                How about Lang Van? Now there's some tasty coffee!

    2. Ha! I knew someone from around here would post a thread about that article!

      You know what I found interesting? Is that much of what Helen referred to as the "kinks" at Zada Jane's is what several of us listed on a previous thread.... hmmm (

      Anyway, I forgot about La Paz too. Has anyone been to Las Ramblas? I went to Delancy St. Deli today. Nice place and very close to home for me. I was a total loser and ordered chicken salad (i know, i know... what about the pastrami & corned beef) and it was good. Got some house made bagels and black and white cookies to take home. They are also a bakery and sell biscotti, various italian cookies, babkas, etc., and they bake their own rye bread. They had all the usual ny deli suspects. I think it's a winner. Breakfast looks good too, but i haven't yet tried it. They said brkfst hasn't caught on yet w/ folks so it's slow, business-wise. But it fills a gap down here in this neck of the woods. But I like the counter guys at Katz better! ;-)

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      1. re: lynnlato

        Yes, the "kinks at Zada Janes were right off these boards.
        Las Ramblas, Excellent!! They are an authentic Spanish Tapas Bar owned by same people as Macs and Bonterra. To clear up a couple of things about Delaney I don’t know what you were told but I doubt they were made in house. Bagels require high gluten flour; they must be boiled before they are baked must form them with a costly machine or a experienced “Bagel Bender. Like the bread - they get it in frozen and bake it off in their oven. Just because it spent a few minutes in their oven does not make it "made in house". From what I hear about this place the chicken salad was a wise choice.
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        1. re: GodfatherofLunch

          The counter person at Delaney's was a "local" (by local I mean she had a twang in her speech... not the NY and NJ kind either) and I was wide-eyed w/ surprise when she said they were made in-house. I agree, if it's popped in an oven for a few mins than it is certainly not home made. Oh well.

          So, you've heard bad things about their food?

          1. re: lynnlato

            Far be it from me to be critical of anything or anyone. :-) I have heard mixed things like they are trying to be both a Jewish and Italian style deli and not hitting the mark on either and that the lady behind the counter has the personality of a depressed brisket. I have not be to this place, so its all stuff I have been told

            1. re: lynnlato

              On a bit more serious note- Thanks for getting me to chill out. Perhaps I was taking these boards too seriously. There are different kinds of people giving there opinions and they all have a right. Some know a lot about food and have a true passion for it like you and others are just filling time and "forgot how much they enjoyed La Paz. and will definitely make it a point to visit once the revamping is complete. They are so excited that it's being revamped. They dissed GW Fins because the restaurant's name is so awful, but if Helen says so, they are going to have to try it. " Different folks know a lot and others very little. With your help I understand on these public boards its Viva La Difference

              1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                I sometimes get a bit "heated" over stuff too. I just have to remind myself to ignore the bulls@#t. There are folks out there posting in an attempt to piss of people. It's pitiful, but it's a community like any other and there are weirdos, jerks among us. But, all in all, I have found the majority of CH's to be generous w/ info, knowledgeable and funny. :-)

        2. Like several of you mentioned, I thought Helen Schwab's comments were taken straight from the boards.

          I haven't been to La Paz in at least 10 years. I went once, that was enough. Back in the old days in Charlotte, the only "Mexican" food you could get was at places like La Paz, El Cancun (gak!) or Monterrey Mexican Restaurant. Charlotteans were not used to the real thing, or even real Tex Mex. Things are better now - thank goodness.

          I went to Las Ramblas when they were very new. There were a couple of dishes we really liked (the octopus, fried anchovies) and a couple of losers (fried eggplants - way too greasy, the croquettes). We need to give it another shot. I really liked the atmosphere and I love tapas.

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          1. re: hazardnc

            sounds strange but the olive ice cream is a great way to end your meal