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Jan 11, 2008 05:00 AM

A Voce First Timer - Recs?

I am eating there for the first time this evening and was hoping for some recs. Seems like the duck meatballs are a definite. Anything else?

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  1. The sheep's milk ricotta with toasted bread appetizer is not to be missed!

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    1. re: mr_seabass

      i second that. so simple yet one of the best things ever! definitely try the bomboloni for dessert!

    2. Hi Ralphus,

      I second the ricotta appetizer and the duck meatballs! Other dishes I like are:
      Duck Agnolotti
      Roasted Beet Salad
      Sweek Corn Ravioli (not sure if it was seasonal for summer)
      Bomboloni (donut-like dessert)

      I know a lot of people complaint about the noise there. While it is not a problem for me, I do want you to have the expectation that the restaurant might get loud when crowded. My recommendation: Just concentrate on the great food and ignore the rest!

      1. Steak tartare and the gnocci with lamb ragu.

        1. My suggestion would be a little different, in that I would specifically suggest to avoid the Gnocci with lamb. One of the worst pasta dishes I've ever had in New York. The lamb (when I ate there last January) was too close to the meat product in a Chef Boyardee can for my taste.

          1. I went to A Voce about 3 weeks ago and was disappointed that they didn't have the duck meatballs on the menu. Perhaps they just didn't have them that night or it's a rotated dish on the menu, although it seems like that's the dish everyone raves about so I was surprised to find it not on the menu.

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              Did you ask? Everyone was so accomodating during our last visit.

              1. re: ksmall

                are you sure, I just went there 2 weeks ago and they had them. i think they never take them off the menu as a signature dish. they print out new menus every day, so i guess its entirely possible that they had some sort of shortage that particular day. i can almost guarantee if you go back they'll have them.