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Jan 11, 2008 04:29 AM

Grand Cru Wine Bar -- Ballston/Arlington

Has anyone been here yet? I work close by, but have not ventured in yet. Appears they are open for lunch and dinner. How is the food? And, of course, how is the wine selection and price?



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  1. I've never head of it - where is it located? I live in Arlington, right near Ballston.

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      In the same building with Vapiano at the corner of Wilson Blvd and N. Glebe Rd. Its on the back of the building facing the courtyard -- you can't see it from the road.

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        Thanks for the notice, I will have to check that out. Let me know if you make it there and what you think.

        I just browsed another blog, where they said that the place is decent, but they would only go back if someone else suggested it. Also mentioned that you should not be pressed for time since there are so many wines to look through.

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      1. Isn't this the place near the Big Buns burger restaurant? Looks interesting. I am definitely always looking for a place with a good wine selection in Arlington so I don't have to drive out to Total Wine in McLean.

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          Have you been to Arrowine?

          Not that we don't go to Total Wine often, but you do have options in Arlington.

        2. So after all this time Fiance and reading this I decided to check this place out last night since it is right near our place.

          We started with their flights mine was the world of whites, Fiance did big red tour. I thought the goats do roam was ok, one in particular I really liked St Veras I believe, but one was just awful, who knows could just be my tastes, I think it was the Mondavo. Fiance I think had better luck I liked most of his.

          We got a cheese plate and charcutterie. The cheese plate was pretty normal I was a little disappointed in the selection, except the Manchego really. I was just hoping for some with a bit more bite than they had, and they had no soft cheeses. Although Fiance doesn't like "stinky" cheeses so I think he wasn't upset about it. The charcuterie was good, I liked the pickles that came with it. Had a little more variety.

          Entrees were much better. I had the duck and I liked it but I definitely did not taste all the ingredients listed on the menu, of course that could have been good or bad since it seemed to have a lot of varying things, I think perhaps some might have just been splashes of color on the plate that you really didn't taste too much once the duck juices started to run. The duck was cooked perfectly though which is impressive very easy to overcook that, and the skin was rubbed with spice and crisped which really was a nice touch. The accompaniments were cooked just right, the sweet potatoes were a nice consistency.

          Fiance had the chicken, I thought the dish needed something else with it as it was a spanish rubbed chicken which was really good, and seasoned rice which was good, but made the dish overall a little dry, but he really liked it so... He wants me to replicate the chicken itself so that is definitely a good sign.

          Wine variety itself was ok, they definitely have a lot of different bottles, we thought the prices were a little high for brands we know. With the amount of wine we drink we will still be going elsewhere to stock up, but it is definitely great to have in the neighborhood for a quick run out and grab some wine and you can buy a bottle for dinner which is nice, if you had a flight of something you liked especially wines from newer wine making regions you could probably find a good deal. The food was very good for this neighborhood and we are glad to have it here, I think with time it will probably get better too. The atmosphere is really nice for this area. Next time will probably brig some wine loving girlfriends here. I definitely want to try the fondue, I hope it is good, if someone else has had it let me know.

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