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Jan 11, 2008 04:06 AM

Kenmore Elite Slow Cooking Recipes

I have a stove that offers slow cooking however it came with only a few recipes. I want to try to slow cook a chicken. Any ideas or recipes for this?

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  1. I have the Kenmoe Elite. You use any crock pot recipe.

    I usually get a picnic ham (pork sholder), brown it in an dutch oven, put in a can of beef/chicken broth, cover, and stick it in the oven on the slow cook low setting. Leave it in for 8 hours. The meat falls off the bone. You can then shred to meat with a fork and use it for tacos or add a bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwhiches. Good stuff. I make Alton Brown's pot roast recipe using the slow cook setting. I also make tons of chicken stock. Instead of leaving the pot simmer on the stove all day, I throw together the chicken scraps and water and place it in the oven on slow cook. My Elite has an electic oven, not gas, so I usually do it overnight.

    1. Oh... forgot to mention... here is a slow cook chicken recipe that is really great.

      1. I noticed this button on my (Kenmore Elite) oven only today -- after having owned it for years! Does anyone know how it differs from using a low temp for a long time? For example, I just caramelized a veritable vat of onions on 325 for several hours, stirring every 15 minutes. How might I have worked that differently with the slow setting?