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Jan 11, 2008 03:48 AM

Quarry - Brevard, NC

Haven't seen too much on this place lately. What do the locals think? A recent (1/11) review in the Asheville Citizen Times does not paint a very glowing picture, at least for lunch.

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  1. I have not eaten there and do not intend to, but I spent a lot of time in Brevard before we moved here, and we saw the menu and the interior of the place as we were choosing our dinner spot one evening. At the time, the menu looked incredibly overpriced and un-inventive. interior looked -- cheesy- I hate to say this, but from those two points it gives the impression of being a rich, older, Florida tourist kind of place. Just my personal impression. No offense to anyone who likes the place.

    There have been some posts (mixed reviews) about it on the Hobnob-Brevard board that would be worth a look.

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      i was one of the last (if not, the last?) post on the above topic link. I actually found the interior to be very nice, but perhaps it was the time of day (evening)? It had a lot of stone and natural elements, which I love. I did think the music (live piano) was very cheesy - definitely agree with the "Florida tourist" comment in that regard.

      The food, however, we found to be very uneven. Some great, some not even close. Unfortunately, the things we thought were very good were NOT the entrees. For the prices they want, we expect it to be consistently great!

      We have had much better meals at Maple (expensive - some complain about service, but ours was good) and Square Root (less expensive than Quarry and Maple). Haven't been to Hob Nob since the new ownership, but it was very good before.

      We haven't been to the Quarry since last summer, so I would be very interested to hear others' experiences.

      Don't know if we're allowed to post our blog links, but mine has a more detailed review of some of these places... (apologies, I haven't posted much on our blog recently)

    2. Ok, I'm mustering up the courage to perhaps try the Quarry again (or "take one for the team" as Charlottecooks said - ha!)...they now have a website (with the world's longest name) . Looked at their menu online and my chewy clams are gone and there is now a comment regarding how the duck is cooked (medium rare unless requested otherwise). Also didn't see my husband's mediocre pasta - so seems the menu has changed. They also have tapas now which I don't recall before. And, gee, if they'd play the music IN the restaurant that they play on the website, then I might not cringe. I'm wondering if they still serve exactly 4 baby spinach leaves as a side with the duck... I'll admit though, I'm curious. Anyone care to be our financial backer? :


      btw, noticed Jason's closed (not surprised - had two horrible meals there - how do you run out of milk on Sunday morning???). is anything new planned for that spot?

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        Tapas? eh? Hmm. Can't wait to hear about your next meal! Good riddance to that terrible Jason's place.

        1. re: Scirocco

          Jason's is now a new restaurant named "Dock's" with a white heron holding a fish in its mouth as its logo. Their website is (another ridiculously long URL and a bit of a cheesy looking site). They dub themselves "Brevard’s premier seafood and steak restaurant featuring great food and drinks in a friendly casual atmosphere."

          I don't would be hard to have something worse than Jason's.

          1. re: thestarsofjob38

            LOL Before I read your last line, I was thinking anything has to be better than Jason's!

            Ok, with fear and trepidation, we have tentatively planned to try the Quarry (again) sometime in the next couple of weeks. We are going with some friends that also are aware of the risks. while we're over that way, will look at Dock's to see if it seems promising. Will report back...

            Oh, does anyone know where Dugan's moved to? Last time I was there (the old location), there was a sign talking about their move, but I can't remember where they said it would be. Their website still shows the old address.

            1. re: Scirocco

              I heard that they were moving over near Poppy's market, but cannot confirm . Will try to drive by this weekend and see.

              1. re: sophiesmomma

                Do you know where Dugans will be moving? Also, I see some construction activity at that old restaurant across from the Ingles gas station - do you know if a new restaurant is going in there?
                Thanks and welcome.

                1. re: NANCY

                  Ed Boudreaux's Bayou Bar-B-Que is going in where Casey Jones used to be across from Ingles on Mclean Rd.. But, they were supposed to be open about six weeks ago, so I am not sure what is going on. There is an Ed's in Asheville and I hear that it is a nice place. I thought it was a chain, but I googled and can only find the one in Asheville.

                  As far as Dugan's, I forgot to ask where they were moving. Next time I am by there, I will.

                  Thanks for the welcome!

                  1. re: sophiesmomma

                    Dugan's is supposed to be moving to the new French Broad Place ( located across from Henry's and the ABC story and next to College Plaze on Broad Street in Brevard.

                    They are supposed to be moving in January of next year but construction on French Broad Place seems pretty behind to me for them to be able to move in that soon.

                    I guess we'll see!

            2. re: thestarsofjob38

              Surprise - Jason's was 5 stars compared to Docks. We had our first and only not so pleasant dining experience there last night. Avoid this place and try Maple or Jordan Street CAfe.

          2. Ok, we FINALLY got back to the Quarry last night. Seeing that they are now on helped to push us along! I am VERY happy to report that our experience last night was light years better than our first. The prices seemed much lower (many entrees in the teens), wines by the glass were less expensive, service was friendly and excellent, and everything we had to eat (a lot!) was good to great. We got the baked brie and the chicken egg roll appetizers and both were good. Entrees tried were: 1/2 rack of lamb, veal, seafood stew and shrimp and penne and all were excellent. We also got four desserts: NY Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake, Bread Pudding (I believe this one is the only one made in-house), and Chocolate Torte. All were very good although the torte was not what we expected (was not a slice of a traditional chocolate torte), but looked interesting and was reported to be good.

            So, we were very pleasantly surprised. Obviously they have made some adjustments since they opened and all for the better. Only negatives were that we still find the music cheesy and the menus are in small black print on brown paper. I'm only in my mid-40s and could barely read it because it was also dark in there (which I like). If they would just use white paper, it would help a lot. But, these were minor things to us. James was our server and a pleasure. He warned us that the chef was on his own in the kitchen that night so things might come out more slowly than normal, which I appreciated knowing. Despite being short-staffed, meals still came out in a reasonable time.

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            1. re: Scirocco

              thinking about The Quarry when i return for camp pickup- went to square root at dropoff and it was just OK- saw that Dugan's moved down the hill from Main st- anywhere else??? I will have my daughter's BF with me -and he likes to eat out- any other suggestions??

              1. re: hlsess

                I don't know your route to camp pick-up, but if it passes near Flat Rock, I'd go to Flat Rock Bakery for pizza. Those who prefer BBQ or ribs can pick up from Hubba Hubba and eat at the same outdoor table. I think the Bakery is opened until 5 on Sat, Hubba until 7, but you would want to double check me on those.

                In Brevard...Sora sushi is not bad, Pescado burrito is good for a casual lunch.

                I'm afraid I don't have any dinner suggestions in Brevard. West First in Hendersonville is great.

                1. re: danna

                  we will be comning from ATL -how far is West First from Brevard? tell me more about it

                2. re: hlsess

                  Brevard doesn't really have as many good choices as Hendersonville does, but there are a few. H'ville is about 20-30 minutes (??) from Brevard via 64. You could get off on the Four Seasons exit, go into H'ville and then continue to Brevard west on 64. Or get off the Upward Rd exit and go into Flat Rock for Flat Rock Bakery or Hubba Hubba.

                  For Brevard, as I posted above, for more upscale, our last visit to the Quarry was good. We also enjoy Jordan St. Cafe, but others have had mixed experiences there. It is on par with the Quarry for pricing, etc. Square Root is average and lower priced. We tried Marco (used to be Maple) not long after it opened and were disappointed (not enough flavor). there is a new Thai place ("Pad Thai" - 315 N. Caldwell) reported to be good - small and am guessing casual. As Danna said, Sora is pretty good for sushi (although I consider Umi in H'ville - its sister restaurant - a little better). It is not in downtown Brevard, but in the Wal-Mart shopping center at the intersection of 64 and 280. Hob Nob is a Brevard institution and has changed hands a couple times. we have always enjoyed it, but have not been there under its current ownership. Dugan's did move, but I think it is the same food/pricing/atmosphere. Recently had a good breakfast at Julie's (diagonally across from Brevard College entrance - NOT in the Food Lion strip mall). Casual, good, and cheap.

                  Ummm, that's about all I can think of. We plan to go out somewhere there this Thursday, but it may be more casual like Dugan's. I agree with Danna on West First. It rocks. has "gourmet" type thin pizzas, excellent pasta dishes (not traditional stuff), and other non-italian dishes. It is noisy in there though (industrial feel), but that's its only drawback. Do not be turned off by the crowd, you can sit at the bar and wait for your table. Also, we love Never Blue in H'ville (around the corner on Main). Awesome tapas and drinks along with some entree sized portions of some items. desserts are great too. funky fun atmosphere.

                  1. re: Scirocco

                    thanks scirocco- BTW- my first car!! maybe we will just stick with the Quarry- we aren't that picky just don't want to pay alot for a terrible meal-never been to jordan St cafe- always heard about it though-not sure we want to drive to hendersonville since we'll already have been in car almost 6 hours...

                    1. re: hlsess

                      I think we were mentioning Hendersonville in case you were already going to be driving through it to get to Brevard. If you are driving up I-26, you might be taking a Hendersonville exit then to rt. 64 to Brevard, hence the Hendersonville suggestions. When I said get off of certain exits in the above post, I meant getting off of I-26. how are you getting to Brevard? Via I-26 or rt. 25 or some other way?

                      Ya, my husband races a Scirocco in SCCA road racing and no one ever has that username, so I use it a lot online. It IS a cool car. :)

                      1. re: Scirocco

                        thanks- we come via 85n to exit 1-Highway 11

                        1. re: hlsess

                          Oh, ok, ya, then Hendersonville would be way out of your way.

                    2. re: Scirocco

                      Tell me more about Julie's, please! My husband loves breakfast and lunchtime, if that's a possibility.

                      Is the Quarry opened for lunch? We walked by it one has kind of a weird least from the outside. Are they going for some sort of retro-Sinatra piano-bar thing? Or did I get it wrong?

                      1. re: danna

                        Julie's is small, but does a brisk breakfast (and lunch) business. It is BASIC, but I thought it was good. We only had our usual ("stuff with syrup"), so can't comment on the more savory things. I thought the pancakes were good. Fake syrup, of course. Prices were reasonable. Had some bacon and a eggs with the pancakes. Eggs were supposed to be over medium and came out more over easy, but that was ok with me.

                        It would be pretty convenient if you were biking in Pisgah. I don't know which way you come up, but if you were coming in on 64 and took a left at 280 (instead of going straight into Pisgah), Julie's is a little after Ingle's. It will be on your right, RIGHT before you get to where the road splits in front of Brevard College.

                        We had lunch there once too. Thought is was good, although basic. Nothing particularly chowie, but good. Have you ever tried Pescado's for lunch? Their fish burritos are really good! It's a build-it cafeteria style ordering process, but everything is really fresh. fish anything sounds odd and I was leery, but everyone suggested it, so I went for it. GOOD. And they are big as your head. I get two or three meals out of one.

                        Sorry, getting off topic!!

                        Ya, the Quarry does have the Sinatra bar thing going a little. That's really our only complaint of late. really cheesy piano music. I think the interior is nice though - it's dark with a lot of stone and metal in there with chocolate browns and black (pretty sure Quarry is their name, the stone work is not a nod to quarries).

                        I have never had lunch there, so can't comment on it. Dinner was very good.
               Looks like it's only open for lunch W-F although has a Sunday brunch. The link will show you the interior.

                        will see if I can find the menu for Julie's. I have it somewhere...

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