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Calling all cake mavens: tasty wedding cake in CT?

We're getting married in June in New Haven, and are sort baffled as to where to even begin to look for absolutely delicious wedding cake. We really don't care what it looks like. It has to be tiered, I suppose, for the sake of all the aunts and great-aunts and so on, but other than that, we want a really, really yummy and moist and I-want-three-servings good LORD this is good kind of cake. (Reasonably priced would be nice, too, if humanly possible.) Any thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Try Lucibello's at the corner of Grand and Olive. Not fancy, but a good , moist and tasty Italian cake. Get it with whipped cream. They did our wedding cake 20 years ago. I still get birthday cakes from them and they still taste good. Rocco's in Fairhaven also has good Italian cakes. BTW they are also priced right.

    1. You might want to try Take the Cake in Guilford - attractive cakes that actually taste great, too.

      1. hey, so did you try any of these yet? I am having the same dilemma. The praised Sono bakery in Norwalk got a really bad review from the bride... So I'm really indecisive.

        1. I continue to be partial to Julia's Bakery in Orange. I love their cannoli filling, and it is incredible if you can order marble cake and do one layer of cannoli and one layer of fudge filling with their traditional buttercream on the outside. I am not a fan of those fondant encased cakes--so nasty! I also am not a fan of Italian style soaked cakes with whipped cream frosting. The girls that work at JUlia's can be really unfriendly though; I have tried asking their advice and they just sort of stand there. I have found that it is much better if you can go during the day (preferably morning) when the custom cake specialist is there, along with some of their seasoned staff. www.juliasbakery.com

          1. Want my advice? Get a spice or carrot cake. I had a special cake made for my wedding, the top was a decadent carrot cake, the middle was a spice cake with apple rum filling, and the bottom was also spice, but with a butterscotch filling. EVERYONE raved about it.

            also, look into bridal expos, they are going on all over, and will have tons of free cake samples.

            1. take the cake is VERY good. The bakery that did my wedding cake in Darien went out of business (alpine bakery) and people still talk about how good it was.

              white cake w/raspberry mousse filling.

              At take the cake I've had the chocolate cake w/raspberry mousse and white buttercream frosting and it was very good.

              1. We got a cake for my father's 60th birthday at Marjolaine on State St. It was huge and also very good. Not sure if they make wedding cakes but this chocolate mousse cake was both beautiful & delicious.

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                  I always ask two questions...

                  1. Do you make the cake from scratch...or is it a mix

                  2. Is it real butter cream or a commercial product....a good baker can make a real butter cream and it will stand up...but if having it outdoors in July is a necessity...it will not be real.

                  And if there is cream involved...if you have t ask...

                2. Another thought just came to mind.

                  Good Goods or the Good Food Store in Darien. The cake maker is fantastic.

                  1. I don't love cake in general - and the worst is cake that has a terrible texture- my sweet of choice is ice cream...but absolutely to die for cakes - Lulu's in Scarsdale. Obviously not in CT, but they do deliver. I may have had other suggestions...but the only cake I've ever had that fits the "I-want-three-servings good Lord this good cake" bill in my opinion is Lulu's.

                    1. Forget Take the Cake- rude people and no customs done. THE BEST cakes are from J Cakes- RTE 80 Branford 488-2800, and Sterling Cakes in Branford near RTE 1- 315-1266. Try a small sample cake from either- all made to order for any occassion- you will be thanking me!

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                        I agree on all statements there...J cakes makes BEAUTIFUL cakes. I used to work for a caterer that used to be where NATAZ is now and we used to get her cakes all the time for customers. Beautiful job!

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                          Another big vote for JCakes!!!! I am a cake fiend.. and I must say I've never been to a wedding/event/etc that had a cake that compares to those of JCakes. Seriously - so moist.. so delicious. I am starting to drool right now..

                          And Hope, the owner - is FANTASTIC to work with. Lots of pics and info on their website, too - http://www.j-cakes.com .

                      2. Luigi's Bakery in Trumbull did our cake and it was amazing. They were so easy to work with and our cake came out exactly the way we wanted.

                        1. 4 and 20 Blackbirds in Guilford makes some insanely good cake.

                          I am not sure if they do wedding cakes, but Chestnut Fine Foods in New Haven is also top notch. http://www.chestnutfinefoods.com/inde...

                          Take the Cake makes great stuff, but it sounds like some people have had service issues there. I would check them out for yourself.

                          Lucibello's and Julia's are both good, but very traditional italian.

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                            Is Chestnut FF just a caterer or is it a shop to go in and buy foods and products also? Thanks, Rich

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                              They have a small shop on State St. near the corner of Mechanic.

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                              The owner of 4&20 is a family friend--they do NOT do wedding cakes anymore. Just too much work.

                              Just an FYI for y'all!

                            3. We actually ended up going with CakeSuite Specialty Cakes, on the recommendation of our beloved and CHish caterer. Sight unseen, too. Or taste untasted, I guess. We were traveling too much for work-related reasons to be able to taste properly. Dum spiro spero.

                              Tried calling Take the Cake, but they were sort of rude and brusque over the phone, and we just don't have the time or patience for that kind of customer service. CakeSuite was very civil, and very professional. How the cake will taste remains to be seen, though!

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                                Pastry fusions in North Branford makes some phenom cakes. Frank does my son's B-day cake every year, peanut butter mousse w/choc cake, and it is to die for. His wedding cakes are beautiful. Stop by some time.

                              2. How about a super cake from an award-winning, food-channel regular? Here she is: ... Classic Cakes by Carol Murdock. 20 Jefferson Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110 | : (860) 586-8202 ...
                                I would get re-married for one of her cakes!.

                                1. Yuk, Lucibello's is painfully Italian, oversweet, their pastries taste lardy and starchy. Everything I ever had from there left me feeling as though I had been licking the bottom of the sopapilla cart at the end of the Firemen's Fair. New Havenites who grew up here think it is the best thing and perhaps for American-Italian baked goods, it is. However, there are no Italian bakeries in New Haven that stand up as half-way edible if your palette is used to the freshness and flavor of French-inspired baking.

                                  No question the best pastry in New Haven comes from Marjolaine on State St. There used to be a wonderful place called Patisserie Normande on Whitney but I just drove by and they look pretty out of business. The other fabulous cake place is Take the Cake--in Branford, I think. They have a blueberry butter cream (with fresh blueberries ground up in the frosting) that brings a twinge to my mouth and stomach when I remember it--10 years later! It is that good. Marjolaine would be my first choice. Randy is a true artiste when it comes to flavor--sophisticated without pretense, pure fresh ingredients. He's very friendly and will work with you--direct personal touch with the person who will make your cake. Marjolaine can't be beat and you won't go wrong there. I'd also give a nod to Julia's on Grove St. The also understand the importance of fresh real whole ingredients. I love their pastries and their execution, I've just never had a cake from there. I'm not sure if either Julia's or Marjolaine deliver; I'm pretty sure Take the Cake does. Chestnut Fine Foods (also on State St.) is also excellent and does the full menu. They did all the (delicious, interesting, sophisticated and FRESH) food for my last minute backyard wedding and knocked everyone's socks off. They definitely bake VERY well, too. Good luck!

                                  1. Sweet Maria's in Waterbury...

                                    To DIE for!!!

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                                      I heard Sweet Maria's uses a mix for their cakes.

                                    2. I would vote for Rocco's or Marjolaine. Those were our top two when we got married. Our wedding was in August and the bakers at Marjolaine were on vacation so that was the deciding factor. The folks at Rocco's are wonderful and they created a beautiful cake from a design I gave them. The price was definitely VERY reasonable. The cake wasn't super fancy, but it was moist and delicious. I got it with the buttercream frosting instead of the traditional Italian whipped cream.

                                      Good luck with your search and congratulations!!!

                                      BTW, when we got married 4 years ago, I seem to remember the wedding cake fact sheet from Marjolaine saying something about don't save your top tier because who wants to eat 1 year old cake and that they'll bake you a little cake on your anniversary. Don't know if they still offer this, but it's a sweet idea. Though with the money you'll save at Rocco's you could just buy a nice big cake on your anniversary. ;)

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                                          Cake was very good, and pretty, though not sure it was quite worth $6 / slice. A few guests said it was the best wedding cake they'ed had, but it still wasn't the light, fluffy, super-moist 1950s style layer cake we love and can almost never find.

                                        2. Stockbridge's in Shelton has repetitively gotten awards for its wedding cheesecakes. My wife and I went that route and at the end of the wedding, there was NONE left. Everybody had seconds, possibly thirds. GREAT CHEESECAKE.

                                          1. I applaud someone else who reported that Take the Cake are rude and not customer friendly. Although they can at times make an adequate cake, they will not accommodate customers with requests or customs and they are some of the rudest people I have had the displeasure of speaking with. I would make a homemade cake and I hate to bake...before ever going there again.

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                                              I've had similar situations with them and with Julia's in Orange. I was standing at the cake counter and no one would help me. You'd ask one those young girls and who's on their cell phone, who's on their break, "I don't work with the cakes, I do donuts", blah blah blah. A lot of places forget that this is the SERVICE INDUSTRY.

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                                                I can't understand how & why these types of business people succeed!? What is so hard about being semi-friendly and accomodating the customer's requests. You'd think they were giving you the cake for free and we all know that is, by far, not the case. I know that when it's my daughter's time to get married, I will not be calling Julia's or Take the Cake.

                                            2. Lucibello's?!?!?! No offense to those who posted in favor of, but YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Heavy, cardboard, fatty, crusty. I've had pastry in Italy and believe me- it's nothing like what you get at Lucibello's or any of the Italian bakeries in New Haven; much more delicate. Similiarly- Julia's in Orange bakes from the same 'mold' so-to-speak. Heavy, and sugary- everything is over-sugared. Might as well go to Costco or Big Y.

                                              Hands down...Marjolaine's on State Street. Best patisserie in CT.

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                                                I'm with you on both places and I'm Italian. Never had good service at either place.