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Jan 10, 2008 10:52 PM

Calling all cake mavens: tasty wedding cake in CT?

We're getting married in June in New Haven, and are sort baffled as to where to even begin to look for absolutely delicious wedding cake. We really don't care what it looks like. It has to be tiered, I suppose, for the sake of all the aunts and great-aunts and so on, but other than that, we want a really, really yummy and moist and I-want-three-servings good LORD this is good kind of cake. (Reasonably priced would be nice, too, if humanly possible.) Any thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Try Lucibello's at the corner of Grand and Olive. Not fancy, but a good , moist and tasty Italian cake. Get it with whipped cream. They did our wedding cake 20 years ago. I still get birthday cakes from them and they still taste good. Rocco's in Fairhaven also has good Italian cakes. BTW they are also priced right.

    1. You might want to try Take the Cake in Guilford - attractive cakes that actually taste great, too.

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        1. hey, so did you try any of these yet? I am having the same dilemma. The praised Sono bakery in Norwalk got a really bad review from the bride... So I'm really indecisive.

          1. I continue to be partial to Julia's Bakery in Orange. I love their cannoli filling, and it is incredible if you can order marble cake and do one layer of cannoli and one layer of fudge filling with their traditional buttercream on the outside. I am not a fan of those fondant encased cakes--so nasty! I also am not a fan of Italian style soaked cakes with whipped cream frosting. The girls that work at JUlia's can be really unfriendly though; I have tried asking their advice and they just sort of stand there. I have found that it is much better if you can go during the day (preferably morning) when the custom cake specialist is there, along with some of their seasoned staff.