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Jan 10, 2008 10:31 PM

Any good places to eat around CSULA?

i like tacos, frozen yogurt, burritos, spicy food, burgers. any suggestions? :]

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  1. You didn't mention Asian, but CSULA is a hop, skip, and a jump from the beloved San Gabriel Valley. Monterey Park, home of Capital Seafood, the Mandarin Noodle House, Seafood Village, and countless other wonderful places, is one or two exits East on the 10.

    1. About 2 and half miles to really excellent Mexican food in a pleasant sit down and be served atmosphere with friendly service.

      1. Aloha Food Factory, right at the end of the 710 fwy.

        1. I took night classes at CSULA for a year and was frustrated by the food options on campus and in the immediate neighborhood. (I also noted a lack of decent beer for going out after class.) I agree that the extra drive time to the Asian food of SGV is probably the best option. You are also not too terribly far from the great Mexican food of East LA.

          You may sometimes be able to catch one of the student groups selling tamales or other Mexican chow on campus. Whatever they're selling, if they say it's homemade, it's good. This wasn't uncommon near the entrance to King Hall; watch for flyers.

          I always meant to stop, and never did, at a taco cart that sprung up after dark at Valley and Borland just past the free street parking in the hills north of campus. I think it was just a pm thing so it depends on when your schedule.

          Good luck!