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Jan 10, 2008 10:30 PM

Skinny Minnie Yogurt???

Hey all, I recently tried a yogurt at studio city yogurt called skinny minnie and really liked it. But i'm never out there thus the problem, so I was hoping you all could recommend a place in one of the following areas that has that kind.??

Marina Del Ray, Culver City, Van Nuys, Westwood, Northridge, Sherman Oaks "near sepulveda."

I'm just looking for that brand, not wowcow or pinkberry or any of the others. Can anyone help me with my yogurt cravings?


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  1. skinny minnie is pretty much the same as carbolite.

    yogurt factory in west l.a. has it, and i believe bigg chill in westwood also sometimes uses it in place of carbolite [bigg chill & studio yogurt used to be owned by the same people].

    Yogurt Factory
    11870 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 111, Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Bigg Chill
    10850 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Carbolite has sorbitol in it and well....... how can i politely say this sorbital is known to be a laxative...........

      Anyway if anyone knows where i can get skinny minnie let me know.

      1. re: Ben7643

        as i said, you can get skinny minnie at yogurt factory in west l.a., and occasionally at bigg chill.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Thanks Bigg Chill never seems to have it but i've been to yogurt factory several times. Now if only there was a place in northridge or closer.

    2. In Brentwood, at the third story yogurt shop on San Vincente and before Gorham.

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      1. re: danikm

        ugh, that place is really disgusting. the few times i went in there it always seemed dirty, and the texture of their yogurt is awful - very icy. they either need new machines, or they have to adjust the temperature. and every flavor i tried tasted similar, but without much actual taste.

      2. So far here are the places i've found that have it.

        It seems that some places simply have better machines and therefore it tastes better.......

        Studio City Yogurt always tastes the best to me but the decor is not the best.

        Menchies on laurel canyon in studio city comes in second tastes great, but it's a bit overpriced.

        Yogurt Factory doesn't seem to have as good machines, their skinny minnie consistenly is too light it doesn't have the density of the other two places. Their decor is the worst as well you won't want to sit around and eat your yogurt here.

        Anyone know any other places?

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        1. re: Ben7643

          Thought i'd update this post.

          Studio City Yogurt seems to have gone downhill a bit lately. They've updated all their lines of yogurt and replaced allot of the friendlier employees.

          No more Skinny Minnie at Studio Yogurt either, it's been replaced with Carb-O-Lite which has Malitol in it which spikes blood sugar as much as refined sugar "for the health conscious ;)." Sadly i'll miss visiting this place. Service is still good there even with the new peeps behind the counter.

          Yogurt Factory also replaced their Skinny Minnie with Carb-O-Lite, although I won't miss going to this place........

          Menchies still carries Skinny Minnie up the street from studio yogurt and it's a better looking store anyway with newer machines.

          Penguins in Marina Del Ray off of Lincoln BLVD also sells skinny minnie, although they seem confused as to what they serve I asked to see the box and it is indeed that brand.

          On a different note I've been eating allot of ice cream lately after all if i'm gonna eat something that is going to spike my sugar levels why not go all the way..... Splurges ;). Dr. Bob's Ice cream you can get at Surfas or Gelsons is my current favorite.

          1. re: Ben7643

            Have you tried Humphry Yogart on Van Nuys blvd? Same Shopping center as gelson's.

            Oh, if youa re in the Encino gelson's try the gelato at the coffee stand, YUM!

            1. re: Diana

              I've heard of humphry's but haven't tried it yet i'll put that on my list of places to visit this weekend ;).

              1. re: Ben7643

                They have soft serve or hard scoop!

                1. re: Diana

                  I just found a new place down near my work that has the skinny minnie called penguins I think they have lots of locations.


                  1. re: Ben7643

                    penguins has been around for years..I forgot all about them! Where is the one near you?

                    1. re: Diana

                      There's one in Northridge on Devonshire, but the one I found today is in Marina del ray off lincoln blvd :).

                      1. re: Ben7643

                        I think there may be one in Sherman Oaks or Studio City on Magnolia, or Riverside. Maybe Burbank? Can anyone confirm where the East SFV Penguin's is?

        2. Penguins in Westwood carries one rotating flavor. You can call them ahead to find out what their Skinny Minny flavor for that day is.