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Jan 10, 2008 10:08 PM

Dining Alone in HK

Hello all. I'm a fairly avid 'hound from Los Angeles and will be in HK for the next couple of weeks on a business trip. I'm staying at the JW near Admiralty/Central and wanted to see if I could get some recommendations.

I'm somewhat familiar with the city and Kowloon, no hesitation to get on the MTR, but do not speak any Cantonese. I've been to Hong Kong several times in the past and usually stayed in TST.

This time however, I'm travelling without any colleagues and although our office here has several folks that I will be hanging out with in the evenings, I won't have them every night, nor do I want to impose.

Can anyone give me some recommendations as to places that are good for eating alone? Obviously top notch food is the key requirement. Cuisine type and cost is wide open. As long as it's good, I'm not too concerned. I don't mind getting a cab or hopping on the MTR. For that matter, I don't even mind jumping on a ferry to Macau... but would assume that I should be able to eat very well without using my passport! I do have some meetings/events in Macau already planned so I will be with folks there also.

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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  1. JW is right on top of Pacific Place, the premium shopping mall in Hong Kong, so there is no short of good restaurants on that area. Having said that, it is more difficult dining alone on Chinese food than Western food.

    If you want to have Cantonese food, I think the best bet is the ones in the hotel as they sometimes do have set menu for individuals. Man Ho at JW and Golden Leaf at Conrad are 2 decent Cantonese ones around there. Maybe you can check with Da Ping Huo (a good Sicuan private kitchen, with some write up on previous threads) if it accept reservation for one individual. It is just a 10 minutes taxi ride from JW. Ye Shanghai (4th floor , I think) and Zen (basement) of Pacific Place may have set menu for individuals too.

    It is easy to try wonton noodle alone. many recommendations on this thread:

    California at JW has a sushi bar on the entrance with decent California cuisine. There is Ruth Chris Steakhouse right opposite Pacific Place at Lippo Center which is just 5 minutes walk from JW. There are selection of Italian, French, Japanese & American restaurants in Pacific Place and the 3 hotels on top of it.

    1. Some of my favorites from 8 trips since 1996, skewing to the more affordable (with a couple exceptions) and casual...

      Thai Basil (curried lamb chops, miso glazed seabass much better than Nobu's simlar Black Cod, Ginger or Mango Souffles, and an addictive fresh lime soda) in Pacific Place Mall

      Burger Joint (fish, veggie, and beef burgers with a potpourri of toppings and sauces) - Hillier Street not far from Sheung Wan MTR

      SONG (Vietnamese) down a few steps from Hollywood Road - haven't tried for dinner but if their lunch buffet (3 time in 4 trips) is any indication...

      The sushi platter at Aqua (including foie gras and kobe beef in addition to the usual denizens of the deep) - Peking Road, Kowloon

      Indochine 1929 - a Lan Kwai Fong staple, maybe a bit formal in environment for a single if you're sensitive to attention.

      Not dining, but...

      Chocolate Croissants (as well as other savory pastries like an XO sausage quiche) from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

      Went to to Tai Cheung Bakery on Lyndhurst Terrace (not far from SONG) for their highly rated egg tarts - went back for light puffy sugary "chinese donuts" (Prefer Portuguese style egg tarts from Lord Stow's in Causeway Bay)

      Any of the City Super super markets for quick bites and bring backs to the hotel.

      1. Ye Shanghai in Pacific Place is quite good.

        Also, if you want to try a bygone cuisine from HK of the 50s, 60s and 70s, I recommend Jimmy's Kitchen for "Chinglish" food, or what is also called western style (more politically correct). It's like an old American steakhouse in look and feel, and the cuisine is 100% comfort food. I highly recommend the beef stroganoff, and guarantee it isn't like any stroganoff you've had before. Jimmy's is located in Central on the ground floor of the South China Bldg. which is at 1-3 Wyndham Street.

        Another of my favorites (I'm a fellow Angeleno, but my wife is a Hongkonger) is Yung Kee. They make the most amazing roast goose and roast pork. It makes for a terrific lunch, although you might be more comfortable eating on the first floor (and not the ground floor where it can be communal). Yung Kee is located at 32-40 Wellington Street in Central.

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          The chicken madras at Jimmy's Kitchen is good as well. My fav there! Give it a try next time you are there.

          For original poster, i would suggest searching the board since HK is quite small and there are a lot of posts on HK. A couple of names to get you started would be: Da Ping Huo, seafood in Sai Kung, Bo Innovation, Tang Court.

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            Don't think I made myself clear, I meant to say HK is quite small and it doesn't really matter that you are staying at the JW. You can get to most restaurants pretty easily.

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              I remembered having a Dutch Steak ( Bacon wrapped filet mignon topped with tons of butter sauteed minced garlic ) and an Oxtail soup at Jimmy's kitchen that were surprisingly delicious!
              I agree with HK Traveler, if you have time to spare, a trip to Sai Kung is a sure eye opener. The huge variety of live seafood displayed outside the restaurants is mind boggling!

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                I've had it, and you're right: it's very good.

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                  The chicken madras. That isn't to say that the Dutch Steak or the oxtail soup aren't good, too. I just haven't had those yet.

            2. When I am alone in HK, I like to find food by walking around Causeway Bay, not too far from where you are. The area around TownGas has a tonne of good food for casual eating and watching.

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                I'm staying solo in Causeway Bay right now and I have to say there is an insane amount of food on offer around here. The only problem is that the restaurants are so incredibly packed that eating by yourself isn't a relaxing experience.
                Get in, gobble it down and get out.