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Jan 10, 2008 08:39 PM

The Japanese place in Culver City -not the one next to the French Place

Having a Senior Moment (again) and can't remember the name of the newish place. It's been on the boards but it does not come up in a search. I can never find anything in search (another story for another board). I think it starts with an H or a K?

I am having lunch with an old friend and he suggested Beacon but I want to go to this place.

Please help my addled brain.



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  1. K-Zo. Does asian fusion and sushi just like Beacon. NOt as refined, but more fun and more selection. It's in the same structure as the Trader Joes. Not to be confused with Sushi Zo which is not in Culver City proper and is only sushi and sashimi (but fantastic).

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      Oh Thank You! You saved me from a sleepless night. I think K-Zo will be perfect for this lunch.

      Thanks again.


    2. Are you referring to Kaizuka at 9729 Culver Blvd., 310.253.5038?
      Beacon is obviously the one across from Dijonaise.

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        Sushi Karen is also in Culver, no? it also starts w/ a "K" ;)