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Jan 10, 2008 08:28 PM

Koi Garden Open in Dublin

I noticed that Koi Garden was open in Uferts Center in Dublin today. I was dinning at Old Town Singapore Cafe and didn't get a chance to eat there. Has anyone been yet? It was filled but not insane like Koi Palace.

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  1. My friend was just there and he said the food was excellent.

    1. 4 of us went there last night (reservation recommended) for the $72 peking duck set menu:
      -8 XLBs: decent version by a Cantonese resto; the skin didn't break when handled by the chopsticks; plenty of soup inside
      -Peking Duck cooked 3 ways:
      1. Duck skin with buns (not wrappers) served with scallions and hoi-sin sauce: average; I was intrigued by the buns, which are not the usual big doughy buns, but smaller ones that are formed by strands of doughs (should've taken pictures)
      2. Sauteed strips of duck meat with mung bean noodles and enoki? Again, average, but the whole table lapped it up
      3. Tofu and mustard green soup with the carcass: very good for cutting down on the grease after the skins and the stir-fry
      -Steamed crab with chopped garlic: meaty crab; would've preferred shrimp for easier eating
      -Steamed cat fish: average; I thought the flesh was a bit muddy-tasting; the rest of the table was pleased with it.
      -Wedges of oranges to round out the meal
      Steamed rice served in a baby-sized bowl was $2. Other than that, we all agree it was a bargain price for that much decent food. All the dishes came out of the kitchen quickly. Service was a bit disorganized; we saw more managers and supervisors than waiters. We'll have to come back here to sample more individual dishes.

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        That sounds like the same set I had once at the Daly City location. I wonder if the whole menu is the same.

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          The bun is the "Yin Si Juan", or Silver Strands Roll, a popular Shandong style bun. So even though they're not using the traditonal mushu style thin crepes, at least the YinSiJuan gets it closer to the real deal.

          1. re: tanspace

            What's the deep fried version of Yin Si Juan or Ngun See Guen in Cantonese, called? It used to go by another name in Hong Kong.

        2. Anyone know what is the Chinese name of Koi Garden?

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            "Li yu men yu shan cha liao" (鯉魚門御膳茶寮), something like Koi Palace Imperial Tea House?

            Here's a pic:


          2. How big is this restaurant? How do you get to this new Uferts Center?

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              Search works better if you use Ulferts. Click on address for directions.

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                Thanks.. copied 'Uferts' from the original post.

            2. Link

              Just Koi
              4288 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568