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Jan 10, 2008 08:04 PM

Albano's Pizza on Melrose closed?

Tried to order our standard pie, large with double cheese, heavy sauce, and crust well-done (picky bastards, are we) from our neighborhood favorite, Albano's on Melrose, to find the 323 934 2494 number disconnected, and the place dark and looking closed on a Thursday night.

Anyone hear of a closing, remodeling, etc? Vito's couldn't have done that much damage moving to La Cienega, could they?

Any help appreciated.

Happy New Year to all the 'hounds.

Bradley Burlingame

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  1. i made a post about this too and got no response. they havent been open since mid december so i guess its over. bummer. my favorite pizza in LA is gone.

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    1. re: Ginger Baker

      Per EaterLA, they were evicted back in early December. That's all I know.

      1. re: wutzizname

        That really sucks. They had good pizza. First the morons in the Russian restaurant with the painted garlic bulb decor in Studio City, now the business on Melrose.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I was super dissapointed when they shut down the studio city location. Then they missed the San Gennaro festival - it was Ray's pizza or something generic like that - Then I tell my friend to call and order a pizza for delivery(she lives like 5 minutes away) and she says they are no longer there. I drive by and it is now Enzo's pizza.....

          I shed a tear

            1. re: albanosbackonmelrose

              Open now?
              Same owner and staff as the original?

              Details, plz!

              1. re: Peripatetic

                Open RIGHT NOW Same food, same Anthony Albano, same great pizza, felix and the boys. Some new backers... The sign goes up tomorrow, we did a soft open on Wednesday and will be open all the way through till the grand opening on the 1st.

                323 932 0907

          1. re: wutzizname

            they had one of the few respectable pies in the city...and they were around the corner from my gfs. now i guess i'll have to venture to vitos...

        2. Vito's isn't too far away, and -- IMHO -- is far better.

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          1. re: Ciao Bob

            I agree but while Vito was absent from L.A. both locations of Albano's were on my lads top 3 list and they offered a different experience, pizza and ambiance, that we will miss!

            1. re: sel

              Agree wholeheartedly -- especially the one on Melrose, felt just like a bricked-in pizza parlor in Brooklyn. The taste wasn't 100% there but it was pretty darn close as long as you didn't overdo it on toppings.

          2. Swear to god... I saw Anthony from Albano's driving a catering truck onto the Paramount lot th' other day. (While I was picketing - sadly - but that's, uh, another story... obviously.)

            Maybe he started another business?

            1. It's a drive, but Joe's of Bleeker Street is at 111 Broadway in Santa Monica. IMO it's better than Vito's, and Albano's was never even playing in the league. Try it...

              1. I called today and the number still doesn't work. I was going to order from Damiano's but then decided to try Rocco's. I am bored waiting for the delivery guy. I should do situps to burn the calories in advance. But I won't.