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Jan 10, 2008 07:36 PM

buffalo wild wings, vegas

I've seen abunch of these bar's/grills around town and was wondering if they are any good, i'm not much of a wings man, but I do love good chicken fingers, any votes?? thx. newbie.:)

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  1. Don't like their wings but I grew up on real upstate NY buffalo wings. I like the wings at Jackson's Bar and grill on Flamingo and Jones. They have pretty decent fingers too -- i like them medium

    1. I hate to say it, but I ate at one in Dallas before i knew it was a chain and I enjoyed it. Then again I was pouring back the drinks, so anything woulda tasted good.

      authentic, probably not, but definitely edible. They weren't dried out, and they had plenty of options other than wings.

      Now I don't support chains, and wouldn't ever recommend them to someone, but if I was in BFE and I had to choose between that and applebees, I would pick that.

      1. many moons ago, i ate at the bww across from sunset station...i don't get it...i thought the wings were average at best...expensive....i don't get it

        1. Do a search on the Chains board...there have been some threads about BWW there.