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Jan 10, 2008 07:17 PM

Decent Sushi in Mississauga/Oakville?

I apologize for this request already... but I'm hoping to not have a completely crummy dinner tomorrow nite. Especially considering I'm paying for it.

This is probably a tough one.. but I am looking for better-than-average sushi in the Mississauga/Oakville area. Some place that might have some generic hot selections as well - like a chicken teriyaki - since there will be one not-so-adventurous child eating with.

Travelling outside this area is not a possibility. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. I've only been for sushi in Mississauga at Kumai Sushi and enjoyed it a lot. If you do a search on this board, you'll find previous posts about this place and, if I remember correctly, I think one poster put pictures of what they ate as well.

    It's at a strip plaza on the NE corner of Brunel and Hurontario, just south of the 401.

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      fantastic sushi. get the omakase. it's untraditional in that they just give you a single platter with a chef's selection, but it's of great value and delicious. i tend to try to hold out on my sushi consumption downtown for this place.

    2. You may wish to consider Minami on Dundas located just west of the Dundas Chinatown in a strip plaza.

      Very good sushi, good portions, a few "freebees" typically. Most of the bases are covered, though you will not find anything exotic.

      Service is excellent, very polite, and private booths are available.

      It is family owned and is a Korean/Japanese sushi place, so you will also find a good selection of cooked Korean dishes for the non-sushi crowd.

      As to price I'd say it is average to slightly above, particularly if you compare it to production line sushi, which this is clearly not.

      1. Try Tako. I love it there. It's on the south east corner of Trafalgar and Dundas, in the Longo's plaza. They've got excellent portions, and it's so fresh. You can see them making your sushi for you. It's my favourite sushi restaurant.

        1. I always end up back at Mye in downtown Oakville. Long established and consistent. Just tried Nobu when I was in Nassau and I find Mye to be much better. Must haves are the tempura, Aggi maki roll and the soft shell crab appetiser if they have it! Not the cheapest but well worth it. Kids are no problem.They have a private room if you have a group.For a special treat I cross the road and hit Johnathons for a chocolate souffle for dessert. Mye is better than average and has a pretty good sake selection. While you are there buy a bottle of their own dressing. It is one of the best on the market!
          Food Guy 905

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            Mye is the best sushi in the area and they are open for lunch as well.

          2. I think Kumai is very good. It's Japanese owned. And the sushi pieces are awesome. Get at least the 3rd least expensive set. I think it is called Ume.. $21.50 or the omakase, which i believe is $35. Great stuff.