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Jan 10, 2008 07:16 PM

Trace in Nashville (Hillsboro Village)

I have been avoiding Trace. Why I can't really say, perhaps reviews weren't enticing or people seemed to talk more about the scene at the bar than the food. But tonight I was finally encouraged to go there.

It was very good. I was there for a wine dinner lead by Ken Perry. This was not the usual service for dinner of course but I was happy to learn that the food we were served was delicious and well matched with the wine; as a wine dinner should be.

I plan to return in the next month or so to experience their dinning room in its normal service, what are your suggestions for things from their menu.

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  1. I heard they were having money problems, and I know there's someone wanting that property. I've had great experiences there in years past (early 00s) but not been lately, so I;m glad to hear they're cranking out good food.

    1. I often have starters when I go there for a drink, and my favorites are Wok Charred Green Beans, the Mushroom Ravioli and the crab cakes. Even though it has been a while since I've had dinner there, I've always had an enjoyable experience.