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Greatest Super Bowl Dish

I have made great versions of chili and corn bread over the past 5 years or so on game day. Now I'm looking for something new and different as an addition to my traditional chili/corn bread. What's the most popular item (besides taco dip, buffalo chicken dip, and stuffed mushrooms) that has served people as a good standby for football fans and foodies?

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  1. BBQ ribs, tacos, burgers, and pizza are all good-old standby for Super Bowl.

    For something more interesting, I will do a "make-your-own-fajitas" bar. Have bowls of green/red/yellow bell pepper strips, sauteed / raw onions, any vegetables, black beens / refined beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc etc. (you know the drill) as the sides, then serve up different types of meat - flank steaks, pull porks, jerk chicken, and let them make their own fajita. So they will have some fun and you don't have to serve them during the game!

    Don't forget, your chili can be a toppings for the fajitas too!

    1. Muffaletta Sandwiches
      Taco bar

      Italian Appetizer Squares -
      Greased 9X13 pan
      Crescent roll dough laid flat in bottom
      Layer in sliced ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, roasted red peppers, basil
      Repeat layers
      Top with crescent roll dough
      Beat 4 eggs, add a cup of shredded parmesan, pour over dough
      Bake at 350 til golden - usually about 30-40 minutes.
      Cut in squares and serve warm or cold

      Then change the ingredients to make something else entirely. Enjoy!

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        That sounds delicious, I can't wait to try it!

      2. Any type of quesadilla, I like shrimp with avocado, cheese and jalepenos or serrano peppers with some seeds left in for the "kick".

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          I agree. And they're super quick/easy to make in case you run out.

          You can also make oven-fried ravioli and/or pierogies. Use the fresh kind, dredge in egg and bread crumbs, bake until crispy. Serve with tomato sauce or some kind of creamy, garlicky dip.

          If you want to be healthier, go for edamame.

        2. I have made some great clam chowders for superbowl games. I have also made homemade egg and/or pizza rolls that are simple to make from scratch.

          1. I haven't tried it, but take a look at these reviews of The Big Bread Sandwich:


            Everyone who made it really liked it and someone even mentioned that it would be great for exactly such an occasion.

            1. Slow smoked BBQ ribs or forever roasted pork, killer atomic wings with a good blue cheese dip, and a serious mac and cheese will make you lots of friends.

              1. Pulled pork is actually super easy to make in a crockpot. Just toss in a pork roast, your favorite bbq sauce and cook on low til it's falling apart. Pull it out, shred it with a couple of forks, then throw the meat back in to simmer. Super easy to serve...just take the lid off the crockpot.

                1. Brats and sauerkrat (Green Bay Packer fan in the house)
                  Guacamole, salsa and chips
                  boiled shrimp
                  cheese and crackers
                  neat appetizer - brick of cream cheese nuked with salsa poured over top - yum!

                  1. I make this alot for casual parties.....i think i originally got it off some wisconson cheese site or something. I have served it with potato skins or fritos scoops. Once when i made it for a St. Patrick's day party, i used Guinness as the beer and served it with guacamole flavored chips (they were green!). I keep it in a fondue pot to keep warm. Can be made ahead and reheats well.

                    1/2 cup diced onion
                    1 cup beer
                    ---boil or microwave above together until onions are softened.
                    ---combine the following ( i do this in a ziploc to make it easier!!)
                    8 ounces (2 cups) shredded Cheddar cheese
                    8 ounces (2 cups) shredded taco blend cheese or pepper jack
                    2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
                    1 1/2 tablespoons taco seasoning
                    1-2 tablespoons chopped chipotle pepper in adobo sauce
                    ----add above in handfuls to the boiled beer mix until all is melted. Then add:
                    1 cup sour cream , to blend, or more if not thin enough.

                    1. One year I made steak sandwiches and they were a huge hit. I grill up a marinated flank steak (priced right for a crowd) and put out a slew of fixin's so people can make their own, including:

                      french bread
                      grilled onions and peppers
                      2-3 cheeses
                      mayo and mustards
                      roasted garlic
                      lettuce and tomato

                      People love this because they can make their own, they are a step above the standard burger, and they are easy to eat while watching the game. I've used these marinades from Food Network before for the steak:


                      I also saw mini open-faced steak sandwiches on Bobby Flay's show this morning that look really interesting but I haven't made them yet:


                      Also, I know there's this idea that mini foods are on their way out - and they may be for restaurants - but for parties they still have applicability. These meatball sliders from the Little Owl restaurant in New York are great and you can do most of the hard work ahead of time:


                      1. If you're having a gang (or just a few real eaters) think about four crock pots. That would get you bar-b-q'ed pulled pork, Italian style shredded beef, keilbasa with kraut, and hot sausage with onions and green peppers. If that's too much pork, replace one with meatballs. You would use the same sausage rolls for all. You could make some sides, but chips would do.

                        1. Red beans and rice with lots of sausage, and Brunswick stew has been popular at Superbowl parties I've attended in recent years. Both are easy and can be made ahead.

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                            Can you post your Brunswick stew recipe? TIA!

                          2. I make these every year, and people really enjoy them. I'm thinking about mixing it up a little, maybe try a loaf with chili powder and cheddar or something.

                            1 ea. loaf frozen bread dough, thawed
                            2 tsp. olive oil
                            1 pkg. (12-oz.) bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces,
                            1 cup shredded, part-skim mozzarella cheese
                            1 pkg. ranch salad dressing mix


                            Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

                            Roll bread dough into 1/2-inch thick rectangle. Brush top of dough with oil. Cut dough with sharp knife into 1-inch pieces.

                            In a saucepan cook bacon but do not crisp it. Drain off fat.

                            Toss bread dough pieces, bacon, cheese and salad dressing mix in a large bowl. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet; shape into low oval loaf. Let rise until double in size.

                            Bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.

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                              I'm big on the stuffed breads. Pepperoni bread or sausage broccoli bread are my two usuals.

                              Pepperoni bread is the easiest because there is no pre-cooking (except if you're making your own pizza dough), just assembly.

                              You have to precook your sausage and steam your broccoli but basically roll out the dough, add your cheese (3/4lb sliced mozz), sausage & broccoli, roll it up and bake at 400 for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Make sure to spray your baking sheet and mmm, mmm good. Alot of times I will assemble it at home and cook it at the party for best results.


                            2. I asked this same question about 2 years ago and got an interesting response from another poster.

                              MINI CHEESEBURGERS

                              I bought the small potatoe bread dinner rolls and made them on that, Burger mixed with minced onion, topped with monterey jack cheese, thick bacon, pickle, and I mixed Red Hot and Mayo for a sauce.

                              Let me tell you, they disappeared almost as fast as I could make them, they are good cold too if they make it that long.

                              Being a Pats fan I need to make more lately !!!!

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                                Oh, this reminds me of a great combo -- Hawaiian bread (which I normally dislike), pepperoni, and cheddar cheese.....

                              2. Chicken wings, 3 foot sub, crab legs, shrimp,

                                also bbq ribs, brisket, or pork shoulder(for pulled pork) only if cooked in a smoker.

                                1. Chicken wings, Velveeta and Rotel with tortilla chips and Helluva good french onion dip is my meal of choice this is the one day a year I eat the last two things, it is my guilty pleasure.

                                  I have made fajitas too, but we normally now just pick up everything and veg so I can watch the game and not worry about food too.

                                  1. I saw something really tasty on the Food Network the other day:

                                    Grilled steak sandwiches on long loaves of grilled baguette. The bread was rubbed with roasted garlic and butter, shredded sharp provolone, and topped with thinly sliced steak and a parsley oil. I think arugula would be tasty on top.

                                    What about a big old plate of delicious nachos: top with grilled chicken, guac, sour cream, black olives and jalapenos.

                                    1. If lazy, a baked potato bar... but this year, I'm doing a make-your-own stuffed potato skin bar. I'm gonna scoop and prep potatoes, making the "mashed insides" part of the bar for the guys to add as much inside back, then crumbled bacon, chives, cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, etc.), salsa, chili, chicken, jalapenos, green chiles, broccoli, and probably other stuff... make 'em up, and then nuke em in the oven or toaster.

                                      meatballs, esp b/c they can be skewered w/ toothpicks

                                      last year i did an asian theme with sesame chicken dumplings, hoisin bbq wings, egg rolls, yakitori, etc.

                                      i also love to do roasted vegetable chips by slicing root veggies (potatoes, yams, turnips, parsnips, onions) thinly on a mandolin, sprinkling with seasoning and baking.

                                      tres leches brownies... my own incarnation.

                                      1. Chili and Corn bread is always good. I am just tired of chili I just went to a Chili Cookoff this weekend. I also love chicken wings with a mix of garlic butter sauce and mild hot sauce. I love my mom and aunts homemade salsa but you can use bought salsa too mixed with cream cheese not just on top but mixed with it. The year the Steelers won the super bowl to years ago we had a big party and I made a football shaped cheese ball covered in nuts and bacon bits, and football chocolate rice crispies drizzled with white chocolate. Well I decorated them with it to make it look like a football

                                        1. We are watching the game at my sister's as she has a 55" TV. With the drama of the perfect-record Pats going against the hometown (sorta) NY Giants with a Manning at the helm, I may actually have some interest in the game rather than only in the commercials this year.

                                          My sister is doing chili (putting in crock pot is great idea, so thanks whoever suggested it) and is looking for a good corn bread recipe, with a little sweetness to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

                                          As we are both going to be out all day the day before, we are going with easy for game day. Chili and cornbread, with shredded cheese, sour cream and onions on the side for whoever wants it. Also going to do chicken wings--still deciding on the marinade--definitely looking for the Perdue oven-stuffer wings, as they have more meat than the regular wings. Before the main food, pigs in blankets (Hebrew National pigs--the best!, with puff pastry, not crescent rolls) and we're going to get some chinese dumplings and steam them, maybe some fun kind of chips and dip. Years ago, I got a mold from Jello, to make jigglers in the shape of football helmets, but somehow I am being banned from making them. I may do it anyway. Not "chowish" by any means, but fun for kids. I forgot what dessert will be--someone else is doing that--may be from a local Italian bakery--Yum.

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                                            Shayna, I'm doing pretty much the same thing. Chili, cornbread, pigs in blankets, not the dumplings, though. Anyway, where have you found oven stuffer wingettes? I like them for the same reason. I have found them from time to time at the keyfood on qb in briarwood, but not recently. I live near andre's bakery. I am also ordering a combo plate from dougies bbq, because one of the guests is orthodox.

                                            If there is going to be a crowd at your sister's house, shayna, might I suggest empanadas from empanadas del parque on 108th Street, the other side of the lie? They've been hugely popular whenever I've taken them to an event.

                                            1. re: Val55

                                              Usually I find the big wings at some of the bigger supermarkets--Waldbaum's, Pathmark, Stop and Shop, King Kullen-type places. It really is hit or miss, though. I tend to head to Long Island at some point most weekends to see my mother, so I am going to pop into some of the bigger markets and see if I can find the wings.

                                              There's not going to be a big crowd (about 12-15, including 3-4 teenagers) , but thanks, neighbor, for the suggestions about the empanada place--is it right near Parkside, near that little park (hence the name empanadas del parque)? I keep hearing about that place and if it is over in that area, I may have to pop in when I make a trip to Leo's for a hero! I think I will mention it to my sister and see what she says--maybe we will change up the menu if she is interested...

                                              You are very lucky that you live near Andre's. Fortunately for my pocketbook and my waistline, I am in Forest Hills, a few blocks east of Continental Ave.

                                              1. re: Shayna Madel

                                                Thanks for the info. I already picked up some wingettes, but not the oven stuffer ones, which I really prefer. Maybe I'll try stop and shop over the weekend. The empanada place is before spaghetti park, as you travel on 108 away from the lie towards roosevelt. It's on the right hand side, only a few blocks from the lie. I think the address is on van doren. the webside is empanadascafe.com. Definitely on the way to leo's. They have a platter of 50 empanaditas, little ones, but I am only having 7-8 people, two of whom would not be able to eat them, so that's out. I may pick up some regular ones and cut them in half as appetizers (I heart empanadas).

                                            2. re: Shayna Madel

                                              Paul Prudhomme's recipe from "Louisana Kitchen" has some sweetness, or it can be toned down if you prefer. Found a bunch online that calimed to be the "real" one, but they didn't agree with what's in my copy of the book. Which is:

                                              1-1/3 cups AP flour
                                              2/3 cup cornmeal
                                              2/3 cup sugar
                                              1/2 cup corn flour
                                              5 teaspoons baking powder
                                              1/2 teaspoon salt
                                              1-1/3 cups milk
                                              5 tablespoons butter, melted
                                              1 small egg, beaten.

                                              Combine dry ingredients and break up any lumps. Add wet ingredients and blend just until there are no large lumps. Pour into greased 8 X 8 pan and bake at 350 for about 55 minutes.

                                            3. Speaking of football-themed snacks, sometimes I place my guacamole in a rectangular pyrex dish so it looks like a football field. And I pipe the yardlines on with sour cream.

                                              And once I'm sure I did some cheese dip in the shape of a football. Perhaps I had a loaf of dark bread - and I cut out the inside in the shape of a football, then placed the dip in it.

                                              1. Seven layered dip. KFC.

                                                1. With Pats/Giants jfood would try theme food for NY and Boston, since it is easy to figure out and goes with football. Soem ideas include:

                                                  Hot Dogs
                                                  Lobsta Rolls
                                                  White Clam Chowda
                                                  Red Clam Chowder
                                                  Pastrami & Corn Beef Sandwiches
                                                  Fried Clams
                                                  Fish & Chips

                                                  And the old-time favorite football food - Pigs in the Blanket

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                                                  1. re: jfood

                                                    Y'know, we don't actually say "lobsta" and "chowda."

                                                    If one felt the need to do a stereotypically Bostonian dish, baked beans would be a better bet than fried seafood, which would either be impossible to keep warm or necessitate someone missing the entire game while frying fresh batches.

                                                    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                                                      mrs jfood's family from dorcester/matapan and that's exactly how all of them pronounce it. :-))

                                                      jfood is from joisey, so he understands accents all too well.

                                                      beans always make a mess so normally try to avoid. would rather have a great chawder than beans anyways.

                                                    2. re: jfood

                                                      Pigs in a blanket are absolutely essential. It's the kind of thing that no one admits to liking, but when they come out of the oven they are descended upon and devoured in minutes... every time...

                                                      Great call on the knishes, I found some minis that will be great for game day.

                                                      1. re: missfunkysoul

                                                        The mini dogs are definitely mandatory and you are right, a lot of people love them but will not admit it. My sister had a formal, Saturday night, wedding for she and her husband insisted on putting "black tie" on the invitation, lots of upscale food, etc. but HAD to have pigs in blankets at the cocktail hour.

                                                        FYI, if you do not make them yourself, I believe that either Costco or BJs sells boxes of just the pigs, I think 60 of them rather than 100 assorted.

                                                        1. re: Shayna Madel

                                                          Costco have pigs-in-a-blanket that are made from miniature Nathan's hot dogs and wrapped in bagel-like dough.

                                                    3. I'm posting a dip recipe that is always on our Super Bowl menu. It's not your typical dip and depending on the size of the crowd, I've doubled it many times.
                                                      This dip is a Texas favorite. I've been enjoying it since the late 70's. Ninfa Laurenzo who created the recipe for her restaurant, Ninfa's, was an amazing woman. This recipe has been widely published, but my version comes from the Houston Chronicle.
                                                      Ninfa's Green Sauce
                                                      3 tomatillos (Tomatillos are found in Mexican or Latin American markets - sort of a green tomato with a husk)
                                                      3 green tomatoes (yellow tomatoes can be substituted but NEVER red)
                                                      1 jalapeno-seeded and chopped. Use 2 jalapenos if you are daring.
                                                      3 garlic cloves
                                                      3 Haas type avocados, peeled, pitted and sliced
                                                      4 sprigs of cilantro
                                                      1 1/2 cups of sour cream
                                                      1 tsp salt
                                                      Combine chopped tomatoes, tomatillos (husked and chopped) jalapenos and garlic in a saucepan and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
                                                      Remove from heat and cool slightly
                                                      Using a food processor or a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth.
                                                      Makes 4-5 cups.
                                                      Serve with tortilla chips.