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Jan 10, 2008 06:46 PM

Need two specific types near Sheraton Wall Hotel on Buraurd

I'll be in town for business staying at the Sheraton wall on Burrarrd (spelling might be off..)I'm looking for:
1. a good place for drinks and appetizers
2. a good place for good pho/ noodle soups

any suggestions close by?

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  1. Bin 941 on Davie & Burrard is good and close by.

    If you like Izakaya (Japanese Tapas bars), then check my Vancouver Izakaya Crawl posting. Hapa and the 3 Guu Restaurants are good and happening.

    Not really any really good pho or even Chinese noodle houses in the Downtown core, though. I would suggest Prima Taste (Malaysian) for Laksa. Perhaps Shanghai Chinese Bistro, Kirin, or Imperial. None of them are true noodle houses, though.

    Definitely avoid Hon's - people recommend Hon's to tourists all the time. Chinese food here is just so much better than that.

    1. Does Ramen qualify as noodle soup? You can try Kintaro Ramen on Denman, and its sister ramen place 2 doors away (chicken based stock). But it is a brisk 20 min walk from the Sheraton. You can also try Ezogiku on Robson, same direction, but about 15 min.

      Prima Taste's Laksa is a good choice, but again it is a brisk 20 min walk in the opposite direction from Denman.

      Ignore the reviews and avoid Legendary Noodles on Denman.

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        Good call on Kintaro and Ezogiku.