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May 26, 2001 02:50 PM

Chinese Market on the Westside?

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Just moved to Santa Monica from out of town. My wife is Chinese and is dieing for a local Chinese market. Obviously we can drive to Chinatown, Montery Park, etc. But it would be nice to have a local market. Any suggestions??

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  1. There are no Chinese groceries west of Chinatown. There are a couple of Chinese markets in Gardena, but I don't know if that's any closer than Chinatown. You can get some Chinese provisions at the Thai stores in Hollywood, but you might as well go to Chinatown if you're going that far.

    1. Though I do not know of any Chinese groceries on the Westside, there are several good Japanese groceries where rice, bean sprouts, ginger, dried green beans (lu dou), dried red beans (hong dou), tofu and a wide range of other standard Chinese ingredients can be had. Try Mitsuwa (east side of Centinela just north of Venice Boulevard) and Nijiya (east side of Sawtelle just north of Olympic).

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        critical mass

        Just suggested this same market to some one looking for ethnic market on Westside...YAOHAN (?) a Japanese market on Centinella and Venice. Don't know if its still there, but it had great produce.

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          As noted above, Yaohan has been supplanted by Mitsuwa.