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May 26, 2001 02:22 PM

C.C. Brown's

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Is there any place that makes the hot fudge sundae that was served at C.C. Browns?

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  1. Not that I know of, but you can buy the sauce in jars at Bristol Farms and make your own.

    1. Lawry's Prime Rib on La Cienega proudly features C.C. Brown's hot fudge sundaes. Unfortunately, after devouring a Diamond Jim cut, I never have enough room for the sundae.

      1. When you order a CC Browns sundae at Lawry's you're only getting the CC Browns fudge topping. Lawry's uses Hagen Dazs ice cream. CC Browns used another brand of ice cream which was quite different in texture, density, taste, etc.

        You can also order CC Browns toppings on-line and make your own.