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Jan 10, 2008 05:48 PM

NYC needs help for dinner in DelCo., Main Line area

I live in NYC, but need to plan my father's 70th birthday dinner in the Delaware County or Main Line area. Please help, as I have no idea of the restaurants in that area.

There will be 12 adults and maybe 3 kids. Because of the kids, we'll probably go for an early reservation - 5:00ish.

Prefer a steak, seafood or other American-type cuisine. BYOB would be great, if possible. Private room would be great, if possible.

Price - reasonable. I'm used to NYC prices but the rest of my family is not. Can you do $50/person for 2-3 courses, not including drinks??

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks for the help, and if you ever need NYC recommendations, I'm here for you.

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  1. The first restaurant that comes to mind that you could take a look at is the Radnor Hotel
    Nice location, good food, easy to get to from I-476 etc...
    It's a start..

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      For a wonderful BYOB in a small, intimate setting, I recommend Sola in Bryn Mawr.
      I have seen several tables where they have catered to that large a group.
      The food is excellent and, of course, you can have your choice of steak or seafood, etc. In fact, they have a famous surf and turf (filet mignon and lobster dish) that you might make sure they have on the menu before you get there.
      Hint: If you decide to go there, park across the street at the Acme Market lot. Do NOT park in the lot next to the restaurant -- you will be towed!

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        Glenmorgan is OK but the atmosphere isn't great for dinner in my opinion. It had a diner feel on a saturday night and we felt out of place. However, next door is a Fleming's Steakhouse and a Susanna Foo. Fleming's might be what you are looking for.

      2. Problem with wonderful Fleming's is that the steaks start at $30+ and this doesn't leave much room for anything else if you plan to have a glass of wine and need to tip.
        If you feel you could up the price a bit, I highly recommend Fleming's.
        However, with Susannah Foo you can make it. And this place is really quite lovely and the Asian food is very good. I didn't mention it because you seemed to want to stick with American fare.

        1. Take a look at 333 Belrose too. Very classy, good food, classic dishes.

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            Cassis is another alternative near 333 Belrose.

          2. To get a private room, you might want to consider the Old Guardhouse in Gladwyne, Blush or Tango in Bryn Mawr, or (more of private nook) 333 Belrose, but these are not byobs. I think that Spamps in Conshohocken also has a private room, but I've never eaten there. For byobs, in addition to Sola (a favorite), check out Cafe Fresko in Bryn Mawr and Blackfish in Conshohocken.

            1. Although it is predominantly French-American, I highly recommend "George's" in Wayne, PA. It's on West Lancaster Avenue and is an offshoot restaurant by the famed Georges Perrier. They have a private room upstairs; I researched it for a client of mine (I'm an event planner). Last I heard, a plated dinner is $45/pp and they offer steak and seafood. Beautiful setting; beautiful amosphere. Very polished, but relaxed.