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Jan 10, 2008 05:45 PM

1 Night In Philadelphia.. Need Restaurant Recc

I am staying one night in Philadelphia at the Sofitel hotel (17th and Sansom) and was wondering if anyone had some chow-worthy options for a nice dinner nearby.

Cuisines preferred would be Mediterranean/Seafood, Italian or an Asian flair.
Places with rockin' wine lists A+

Thanks in advance.

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  1. the sofitel is a lovely hotel!

    rockin wine - you're right by tria!!! tria is a beer/cheese/wine bar at 18th and sansom. great snacky food and delicious wines. i've actually never had beer there... i always get a cheese, a bruschetta or two, and their lovely dessert sandwich - mascarpone panini, grilled. don't miss it!

    1. You said Asian flair, and I immediately thought of Susanna Foo, which is a great spot, though I can't speak for the wine list. Melograno is another spot relatively near you that would be a nice option, but it's a BYO, like a good many restaurant in the city. Vetri, if you can get a reservation, is probably another good option. (Both of are Italian restaurants.)

      For a pre- or post- dinner drink, I would second Tria, especially considering your "rockin' wine lists" comment. It has an excellent, though not necessarily the most extensive, wine & beer selection - it bills itself as a wine, beer & cheese bar and doesn't disappoint on any point. I've had the food there before, and it's good, light-ish foods designed to go with the drinks, so I wouldn't say it's a great dinner spot, though I do enjoy the food immensely (the cheese platter is very nice, along with the white bean dip and the dessert sandwich). The wait is kind of ridiculous these days, though - but then, when you try to get a table at 7:30pm on a Friday night, you just ask for that.

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        BYO sounds really good since I have a ton of older vintage Italian stuff that I can bring down. Tell me more about Vetri and Melograno!

        1. re: ric z

          Before you get too excited about Vetri, what night is this going to be? Reservations at Vetri are not particularly easy to get, especially on short notice. Melograno doesn't take reservations (last I heard, anyway), so that would be no problem as long as you don't mind waiting (again, depending on the day in question).

          Estia is also pretty close to the Sofitel, it's a very good seafood place.

          1. re: Buckethead

            BYO's to consider with really fine food:
            Branzino (Italian)
            Caffe Casta Diva (Italian)

            Pricey Non-BYO's but great food:
            Estia - Greek seafood
            Susannah Foo (Asian)
            Bliss (French)
            Striped Bass(seafood)