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Jan 10, 2008 05:45 PM


Now that this U St joint has been open for a few months, what does everybody think? I was thinking about getting a take-out chicken tomorrow night (or should l just stick to cooking some chicken I have in the fridge?). For those of you who have tried the place, which type of chicken is the tastiest? Has anyone tried the veggie side dish? Do the birds have a lot of meat on them (I would request all white meat)?

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  1. For take out chicken, it's very good. My order (whole bird) was huge. The bird was very meaty. The roasted sweet potatoes, though quite simple, are delicious. I was not impressed by the noodle/cheese side - just not much flavor. I believe we had Peruvian flavor (we asked for the spiciest version) and it was nice - the skin was tasty and the meat was juicy. We had the curry mustard sauce and the spicy green salsa. Both are spicy, flavorful and fresh-tasting. My only complaint (minor) is that the sauce serving were rather small. Overall, I think the price/quality ratio is high and I like their enviornmentally responsible practices.

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      Ditto that. Very meaty. I also had the Peruvian, but it seems to be a different approach from the Northern Va. Peruvian places. The skin had a bit more crispness, and the spices were different. They were overwhelmed today because of the recent good press and actually ran out of birds for a while. While I waited, they gave me a complimentary chicken rice soup, which would do credit to anyone's grandma. The chickpea salad was fresh tasting (rather than tasting of tin can).

      I gotta try the Colombian (coffee and coconut) flavor chicken next time.

    2. Love Chix. We've been there a few times now and each time, I think it's been great. The curry mustard sauce is awesome on any of the chickens. They seem to be really good to responding to feedback, too. Initially, they didn't have a veggie side selection, and I noticed a few postings on their website about this. When we went last time, I saw that they have added a veggie side (although you have to pay a little more for it), which is great. I hope they do well.

      1. Anyone been to Chix recently and tried the flavors besides Peruvian? Or any more side reccs?
        I was thinking of making a big dinner, but am now going to be at work longer than planned!

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          We liked the Colombian flavor chicken.

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            Went there last weekend and had the Peruvian, chickpea salad, rice and beans and the cheese noodle dish.

            Loved the chickpea salad and in fact made my own version of it the next day. Didn't really care for the cheese noodle dish as I love my mac n' cheese oozing with evil, evil cheese. Rice and beans was decent and spicy. Found the jerk mustard dipping sauce to be, "interesting." Not ready to write that one off... but not so sure I would get it again.

            Btw, my SO and I ordered a whole chicken and had yummy leftover chicken sandwiches for a couple of days.

          2. I just went for the first time last Friday and got the Colombian with the Red Salsa.
            I went again last night, and got half Peruvian and Half Colombian, with all 3 sauces.

            Both styles Peruvian and Colombian are good, but I like the Colombian better.

            veggie mix - ehh
            cubed sweet potatoes - ehh
            white organic basmati rice - ehh
            the noodle pie - ehh

            The sides are so-so in my opinion.
            The salsas are great though.

            I'll probably make some plantains (maduros) to accompany the chicken in the future, but chicken wise, best i've had in DMV

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              You know, everytime someone uses that acronym, I am convinced they are talking about the Department of Motor Vehicles... and it confuses the hell out of me....