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Jan 10, 2008 05:31 PM

Best Bar Food in LA

Looking for bars that also have good (or great) food. Places where you enjoy both drinking and eating.

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  1. What neighborhood are you in?

    On the westside, I enjoy Library Alehouse (beer+burgers) and Lares (tequila+Mexican).

    Another great tequila spot is Malo in Silver Lake.

    Bar culture is huge in KTown. My current favorite is Toe Bang (soju+Korean).

    Staying Asian, you're not going to go wrong at an Izakaya. You can choose something high end like a Bar Hayama or an Orris, or something down and dirty like a FuRaiBo, Musha or Honda-ya. You could also opt to go straight yakitori, also. All these places will have sake and wine on the menu, but the real thing to do is to nosh on the Japanese food with beer.

    In Hollywood, there's Bowery (liquor+bistro) and Hungry Cat (cocktails+seafood) and also 25 Degrees (liquor/beer+burgers). Another spot with underrated food is Citizen Smith in the Cahuenga Corridor of Hollywood.

    Of course, the best wine bar in town is AOC (Mid-City) followed by RedWhite+Bluezz (Pasadena). Other wine bars include Lou on Vine (Hollywood) and the status-up-in-the-air Bin 8945 (WeHo).

    Staying in WeHo, there's Bar Marmont and their upscale gastropub. For something a little bit more blue collar, other gastropubs are at The York (Highland Park) and 3rd Stop (Mid-City).

    I don't hang out at all in Downtown, but I've heard great things about Seven Grand and the Edison.

    1. I have to say really it depends on where you live. For decent atmosphere I like Pasadena area bars(many are well stocked with domestic and european beers and ales and I hear some carry housebrews, though not sure which bars specifically do). For silliness all around Hollywood bars are ok. I've heard good things about downtown as well. There are several bars in the Chino area that are cozy but no great food. Katie Jake's Bar Grill in West Covina is decent for atmosphere and food.
      For both food and bar and since you could be anywhere, I would recommend BJ's Brewery/Bar/Restaurant, while a chain (on the order of TGI Friday's or Claim Jumpers; though they have decent pizza and some pastas, among other things) their thing is their beers, you can get the seven sampler, which you can try and some of them are brewed on the spot in certain locations(Blonde, dark beers, seven in all, with different alcoholic percentages from light to so strong you can't believe it's beer) among other spirits--or Pizza Port in Orange County.

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        You mentioned cozy bars in Chino but no great food - have to shout out to the Corral on Mountain - Weds Special is $10 Steak, best $10 steak anywhere and goes great w/$2 beer

      2. Backstage Bar & Grill (near the Sony lot)

        drooling thinking about their chicken fingers and garlicky french fries... They have Steak Fingers too!

        And although i am not the mac and cheese sort (heresy!) my friends quite dig the mac and cheese (like $5)

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          You beat me to it - I like the Backstage a lot! The food is yummy, and they have a nice selection of beer at a reasonable price.

        2. Table 8

          Table 8
          7661 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

          1. interesting that no one has mentioned father's office...