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Jan 10, 2008 04:47 PM

Forest Inn -- Arlington/Westover area

Has anyone ever ventured in to the Forest Inn -- the restaurant, or rather, bar in strip of shops in the Westover section of Arlington. It is located on Washington Blvd near the same general crossroads as Lebanese Taverna. The strip with the post office and the 7-11 is where the Forest Inn is located.

It appears to us to be a throw-back blue-collar type place. Tell us what you know about this place.



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  1. They used to have a stand-alone diner on that block, but that space was turned into a new Post Office, so they moved into a small space within the strip of stores. Food was ok back then. When they moved, they turned it into more of a bar. I went in once soon after they opened. I noticed they had an unusual amount of Middle Eastern selections (felafel, hummos) added to the straight-up bar food. Nothing tasted like I'd want to go back.

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      I like a smoky taste to babaganoush, but not from the entire place being saturated with smoke. I can smell it when I walk past into the drugstore.